Affordable Home Upgrade Ideas

Since I have purchased my home I have been hard at work updating and remodeling a house. Needless to say, right now I am in the BIGGEST remodel of my life! I can’t wait to reveal my upgrade as well as several other easy, affordable home upgrade ideas in this post!

I have been told all about Barton’s Home Improvements’ quality fixtures and affordable materials so I decided to head on over to get some a little improvement inspiration.


I was blown away by the custom cabinetry and flooring options right off the bat. John, the store manager, was so helpful in choosing color palettes, products, and with the pricing of my project ideas.

Their innovative design software really brings the project ideas to paper. John and I walked the store to pick and choose the finishes and materials that I needed and wanted for the project. Then, we went back to the computer to build a model of what the final outcome would be, as well as to get a quote together. (You can see use working on this piece below)

I am excited to announce that I will be using Barton’s for my full master bedroom and bathroom remodel addition!

Now, for a few quick, easy, and affordable remodel ideas.

Update your countertops and change out the door facing. 

You don’t have to purchase granite to get the granite feels. There are more affordable laminate options out there to achieve a similar appearance! Beveled door facings with hidden hinges also make for a cleaner look. This is a great alternative to a complete cabinet replacement. If you decide to go with the full kitchen remodel, Barton’s had a huge selection of cabinetry and customizations.


Upgrade your Toilet

A pretty toilet can really transform an older bathroom. I love the more rectangular looking tanks that are being produced on the fancier models. I found a few at Bartons for no more than $150! Also, updating a bathroom mirror
will give your space a nice new refresh!


Choose a nook or space that can be used for a unique purpose.

I have a little closet space in my living room that I would like to turn into a wet bar. John and I worked on a custom design project where we would install the cabinetry, a wine cooler, sink, and a beautiful countertop to make the perfect wine closet/ wet bar.

Replicated wood or tile mural  install

I got the idea in Barton’s inspiration guide and while perusing the flooring aisle that you can not only use flooring for it’s obvious purpose, but it can be used for backsplash and bed headboards. I love the idea of taking an affordable wood plank, laminate floor and installing it on a wall that is behind the bed to create a unique headboard.  You can also install ornate tile behind your bathroom mirror for an unique accent mural.


Want to try one of these super easy upgrades but don’t have a Barton’s Home Improvements near you? Well Barton’s also owns Barton’s Surplus Warehouse and Bargain Outlet. Click here to access their store locator.

Enjoyed the post? Please share your easy and affordable home improvement ideas in the comments below and be sure to share the love on Pinterest via my “pinn-able” image!

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