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Alexandra’s Media Features

“I am so honored to have been featured and interviewed by some of the world’s most accomplished entrepreneurs and business extraordinaries.” – Alexandra

On this page, you can view all of Alexandra’s media interviews including podcasts, TV, and radio.” If you would like to Book Alexandra on an upcoming show to speak about her journey as an unconventional entrepreneur, running multiple businesses as a single mom, or her book, The Unconventional Entrepreneur, click here.

Podcast Appearances

  1. “It’s Never Too Late” | Call Me Camille
  2. Chasing the Insights | Vince Warnock
  3. Lessons From a Lifestyle Influencer | BrandID
  4. Satisfaction or Resentment | No Woman Left Behind
  5. Think Big | Michael Zellner
  6. Really Unconventional Entrepreneurism | The Mavericks
  7. The Unconventional Entrepreneur | What’s on Your Mind Biz
  8. The Parent Network

Digital Publications

  1. Alexandra Nicole on How To Launch a Successful Business | BLOGHER
  2. Power Women: Alexandra Nicole Nolan on How to Navigate Work, Love and Life as a Powerful Woman | MEDIUM
  3. Alexandra Nicole Nolan, National Digital Entrepreneur, Is Paving The Way For Aspiring Business Owners | INFLUENCIVE
  4. The Power of Branding in 2021 | FORBES
  5. Alexandra NIcole on Reinventing Yourself into a 6-Figure Business | CEO MEDIUM
  6. The Unconventional Entrepreneur | MEMPHIS MAGAZINE
  7. Self Made Entrepreneur Alexandra Nicole Nolan Shares Her Tips For Work Life Balance | MEDIUM
  8. National Brand Influencer, Alexandra Nicole Nolan, Shares How She Quit a Fortune 100 Company and Became a Full Time Blogger | NEW YORK WEEKLY TIMES
  9. Meet Alexandra Nicole Nolan | CANVAS REBEL
  10. Memphian to Meet | I LOVE MEMPHIS
  11. Alexandra Nicole Nolan is Making Waves as an Unconventional | HOLLYWOOD DIGEST
  12. Digital Entrepreneur Alexandra Nicole Nolan: From Forbes to Family | LOS ANGELES WEEKLY TIMES

Television Appearances

  1. Changing Business Landscape | WMCTV Memphis
  2. Launching a Successful Business | Action News 5