All I Want For Christmas is shopbop

This year I have been shopping shopbop for my event outfits and not only have I been amazed at the quality, my friends and family have raved over all of the pieces that I have gotten. In this post, I am sharing 3 of my favorite Christmas party outfit tips from shopbop!


Its obvious that I love black and neutrals no matter what cocktail party I am going to!, but with shopbop, your neutral dress doesn’t have to be boring. I am loving all of the unique cuts and fits that shopbop brands present. Your neutral dress can also be spruced up with some fun party shoes to add a little pizzazz.

Party Shoes

I usually go with a sparkle theme during the holidays, and that doesn’t differ when it comes to my shoes. You can do rhinestone clear pumps, sequined bows, or glitter heels to dazzle your feet while working the room.

Party Skirts

I know, I know, velvet isn’t the only fabric choice for the holiday season, but it is MY only choice! I am a huge fan of velvet for Christmas. Velvet mini skirts can be worn with fun tights. Velvet full lengths are great with tall boots. Even a velvet pencil skirt can be accented with holiday bows.

What are you favorite holiday styles? Let me know in the comments below!

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