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Baby Development: Outdoor Fun

Jack is 17 months and over the past few months there is noticeable rapid development in his speech and motor skills. He seems to be very interested in the outdoors, cars, and any type of ball. Today, I took him outside to play with his new toy that the Easter Bunny brought him. We explored the outdoors and practiced kicking his new mini-soccer ball around. While he mainly carried the ball  while exploring his neighborhood, he did get two good kicks in. When I cheered for him, the excitement of his accomplishment was clear as widened eyes was followed by a huge smile.









Jack’s Outfit
Jeans – Crazy 8 | Top – Gymboree | Hat – Memphis Grizzle Store | Shoes – Converse

18 months is the perfect age for monitored outdoor play. At this age they seem to be inquisitive of everything. They like to smell, touch, hold, look and there is a whole big world out there for them to do so. Motor development is a big at this age. What better way to practice coordination than to practice throwing and kicking the ball? I must say, Jack has great precision in his throws for a 1 year old, the kick on the other hand, well, that’s going to need some practice. 😉

Mommy’s Challenge: This week, get outside and do a fun, learning activity with your little one.

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