Bag Styles That Upgrade Your Travel & Work Vibe

There is perhaps no better way to treat yourself this summer than with a designer handbag that will last a lifetime. After the introduction of new collections in every season, retailers and fashion lovers begin to think what could be the latest and greatest. With summer already here, you probably need to ensure that you have all the essentials to keep you looking and feeling fresh! Head back into the office or for your weekend trip with a new baby (a bag, duh!). Below, take a look and see if any of the rounded-up designs inspire you. 

A Leather Backpack 

Whether you prefer to explore the country in which you live in instead of flying overseas for the summer, you will always need a quality backpack! A beautiful leather backpack from brands like Mirta, famous for its gorgeous Italian leather handbags, is a great option since a backpack always make the perfect travel companion. 

Teeny Tiny Bags

Micros are prolific, and are some of the cutest bags today, tiny, yet perfectly made. Although they may not accommodate an iPhone, these adorable handbags are hard to resist! Designers have, over the years, swung from supersized proportions to a complete small size and scale. You can choose the hands-free options or belt bags. These are cute to add as an accessory to enter the office!

Woven Natural Fibers

If you remember your grandmother’s old raffia bag or your mom’s wicker picnic basket, these are now making a comeback in 2020 with complete updates and a chic design. They are now available in the form of totes, clutches, shoulder bags and backpacks, fully designed with fringes, pompoms and metal fittings. 

Buckle Up 

Buckle bags are a statement-making trend in the 21st century. This is for more of an elegant approach one could say. These kinds of bags have a big belt like buckle on the front, adding instant chic! Take this bag into work with you and you’ll have all eyes on you. 

Carry-All Tote Bags

The multi-purpose tote bags are no longer designed for moms alone. These large tote bags have enough room to make your summer travel exciting and comfortable. Whether you are free-spirited or a minimalist city girl, there is a tote bag just perfect for you. These bags are stylish and do not sacrifice the carrying ability, durability or utility. 

When it comes to fashionable and trendy bags, designers love to alter older versions by incorporating finer and more pronounced details. While 2020 has been quite a firestorm, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t explore the latest trends. This year, expect to see more of oversized totes, teeny weeny bags, buckle bags and more old-school bags turned modern. All of these styles are not just for work or travel, but can be used for many years to come for whatever life throws at you! With such a variety, you will find something that suits you.

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