Best Amazon Purchases Ever

It’s the last day of Prime Day so I figured I would share some of the best Amazon purchases I have EVER made and how you can take advantage of these items at a HUGE discount. Here we go!

23andMe Kit

One of my most favorite stories of all time was how I grew up being told I was part Native American and English/Irish. As a child, I really connected with my Native American side, always wanting to tour reservations, collect arrowheads and Native American made goods, and doing most of my history projects in school on topic surrounding Native Americans. My maiden name is “Rushing,” and I was even told by my grandmother growing up that our last name was Native American and was shortened from the original name that meant “rushing waters.” (I cannot roll my eyes any harder right now knowing what I know now.

About 10 years ago I took the 23andMe test and found out that I was less than 1% Native American. I was in fact 60% Irish/English but was shocked to find out I was about 30% German/Austrian. I had never been told that I was from any German decent before! Now, I have been obsessing over my newfound culture.

Want to learn more about your culture? The 23andMe test is normally $229 but today, you can get it 50% off for just $118.99. What a deal!

Bev by Black + Decker

The other day, while visiting a friend’s house, I saw the coolest machine EVER! An automatic cocktail maker! I normally resort to wine because I can never mix a cocktail to my liking. When I saw the Black + Decker bev machine I was amazed at the innovation, or maybe because now I could have a resident bartender and never mess up a cocktail again!

Today for Amazon Prime Day, your can get the bev by Black + Decker 34% off. This bad boy is normally $299.99 but today it is only $199.99 on Amazon! Of course you will need the cocktail pods and pod holder for the full set up. While they are not on sale, I have included the links here.

Neoprene Workout Dumbbells & Bands

I have been getting back into the swing of working out, but have also been traveling a lot as well. I purchased these neoprene dumbbells for keeping fit while on the road or for quick workouts at home when I have little time for my Tonal. If you are flying while traveling, the resistance bands don’t take up a lot of room and hardly weigh anything. There are so many workouts you can do with dumbbells and resistance bands alone.

Today you can get these Neoprene Dumbbells, originally $44, at 21% off for only $31. The resistance bands are 51% off! Normally $21.99, today you can get them for only $12.72!


Lately I have gotten into “trying” to grow my greens, fruits, and vegetables organically. I have to admit, I have quite the black thumb, that’s why I purchased an AeroGarden to help me grow healthy greens in a controlled environment. I can;t tell you how incredible it feels to eat fresh.

Today in the Amazon Prime Day sale, you can get the AeroGarden 58% off! Normally the AeroGarden is $119.94, but today it is an incredible $49.99!

Multi Magnification Makeup Mirror

As I have gotten older, my eye sight has taken a hit, which means I am not able to do my makeup with quite the prediction that I once had using a normal mirror. That is why I love this multi magnification makeup mirror! Lucky for you, you can get it way less than what I paid during the Amazon Prime sale. I paid $32.99 but today, you can get it for only $26.39.

Ring Light and Remote Shutter Button for iPhone

Everyone always asks how I take such great photos using my iPhone. It is all about the lighting and being able to have a shutter control in my hands to move around while taking photos. Today, you can get the full ring light, tripod, and shutter button set in the Amazon Prime sale 26% off! This set is normally $37.99 but you can get it for only $27.99 before the sale ends!

There you have it, my favorite items on sale for Prime Day! But remember, you have to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of the sale. Need a little more convincing? Read about why I chose to become a Prime member to learn all of the ways you can save on everyday life with Amazon!

Speaking of sales, Yours Clothing is having a big sale as well, up to 70% OFF! and at Old Navy you can get 30% off your first purchase when you open and use a Navyist Rewards Credit Card!

Also, shop the post below! (These links are affiliate links)

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