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Best Crybaby Fashion Ever

So you are probably reading the title thinking…Crybaby Fashion? YES! There is such a thing, but you have to admit your crybaby status! I am so excited to have met Natalie Meagan of The Crybaby Club because now I have learned how to embrace my inner cry-queen and wear it proud!

The Crybaby Club is an organization that embraces the natural human emotion of crying and assures those who partake that it is completely ok and normal to cry. Just admit that you cry, embrace it, and heal. The Club founder, Natalie Meagan, has started a line of Crybaby Gear, her original art, for the clubs members to represent!


I am LOVING this tote! It’s a crybaby kit. Tissues, water, a feelings book, waterproof mascara, sucker, bandaid, etc….everything you need to feel better!



One of the main fashion pieces of The Cry Baby Club are her original pins! There are so many cute pins to collect! My favorite is the Big Girl Panties! hahaha I want to get a gardening hat and start collecting all of her cute designs.


Declare your tough and tenderness in a Cry Baby Club members tee!



Want to know the perfect way to lift up your spirit while checking your makeup after a good cry? A “You Are Enough Mirror”



You can also snag some great car, computer, or whatever needs to be stickered art! I love the Heart Memphis design.


If you are a true Crybaby, you know that de-hydration always follows a good belting face flood. Don’t engage in a cry session without your “Not Thirsty for You” cup!


Loving my Crybaby uniform? Sign up for a free membership and purchase your gear at the Crybaby Club Shop!
Thank you for reading and I hope you join me in a Crybaby Club Membership!

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