Best Dog Gifts + Dog Gift Guide

We are right in the middle of the biggest shopping season of the year! I have been checking all the humans off of my gift list but quickly realized that I was forgetting my fur babies. In this post I will share the best dog gifts that I have found this year in my dog gift guide. I just know Bane and Harley will be pleased with what’s under the tree and in their stockings.

Best Dog Gifts


The Missing Link Supplements

We aren’t the only ones who should be taking vitamins for our health, our pups need added nutrition as well. The Missing Link has many different options for boosting your dog. This year, Harley and Bane will be getting Collagen Care bites. Collagen isn’t just an ingredient in your beauty products or smoothies. It’s actually the primary protein in your dog’s entire body, like their skin, coat, joints, hips and digestive track. With The Missing Link, you can help replenish it. Due to the common issue with German Shepard’s and their hips, Bane will be getting the Hip and Joint bite. Harley’s coat gets a little dull and itchy for him this time of year so he will be getting the Skin and Coat bite. You can save 30% off all of their products with Promo Code: JOLLYPET


Locally Made Biscuits

Hollywood Feed not only has several retail locations throughout the Memphis metro area, but they have their very own bakery location where they whip up pup treats for all the wagging tails in the Midsouth! The “Memphis Recipe” is so cute! Right now they have their biscuits on a Buy one Get one 50% off sale! If you would like to have your gifts delivered to your door, Hollywood Feed offers FREE same day delivery on orders over $75.


Did you know 2733 pets this year have been rescued with Pawscout? Petscout is a pet tracking device that attaches to your pet’s collar. Petscout has a free app that is used with the device so that you have complete visibility on his or her location. Pawscout’s App makes it easy to enlist local pet lovers in the search, and our Bluetooth-enabled Tag alerts users when a lost pet is nearby.  You can even add a detailed medical profile which will help pet heroes care for your furry BFF until you can be reunited. The best part is, the Pawscout pet tag device is only $19.99!


Mississippi Made Donut Beds

Ok, Ok so I gave Bane and Harley their pet bed early. I originally only purchased one as Harley likes the couch but it seems that I will need to get another because they both fight over the bed now! Totally pup approved! There are so many cute prints and they come in a variety of sizes at Hollywood feed! Right now they are only $99 (up to a $150 value.) 


Heather Gruthier Art

Honor your furry baby with a work of art. Heather Gruthier creates the cutest pet prints that can be hung or displayed in conjunction with other art for a cute wall collage. Check out all of her available prints here. 

I also found some great pup products at Ikea last year. If you live near an IKEA, it may be worth taking a look!

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