Best Places in Your Home To Hang Extra Shelving

Shelves are perfect for extra storage space, displaying photos, and adding unique décor. But it can be tricky to decide the best place for your shelves. However, with the right tips and tricks, you will be able to place your shelves perfectly in no time. Here are the best places in your home to hang shelving.

In a Hallway

The first great place to hang some extra shelves in your home is in a hallway. If you need extra storage space or want to add a lovely display of family photos, then hanging shelves in a hallway is a fantastic option. First, you want to ensure that your hallway is wide enough, as narrow hallways may not allow enough room for shelving. Take the necessary measurements to make sure. If you want a display shelf for décor and photographs, an entry hallway is a prime choice. However, if you are hanging your shelves for storage, you may want to choose a hallway that is less visible to the public.

Above the Toilet

When you think of a bathroom, luxurious isn’t the word that immediately comes to mine, but a little shelving unit can luxe up your toilet space in an instant! I hung a beautiful gold shelving unit above my toilet for storing my toiletries as well as some of my favorite decorative knick knacks.

Above a Desk

Above a desk is another perfect location for extra shelving. In a home office space, you keep work materials, supplies, and important papers. You can benefit from some additional space to store your items. Hanging some shelves above your desk is a great way to maximize your space and increase efficiency while you work. The next time you get to work in your home office, you’ll be happy that you decided to hang shelves above your desk.

Under Kitchen Cabinets

The third creative place in your home to hang some extra shelves is under kitchen cabinets. It’s easy for kitchens to get cramped and cluttered with dishes, cooking supplies, and food items. Therefore, it’s a wonderful idea to add some extra shelving to make the most of your space, especially if you happen to have a smaller kitchen. If you have enough room underneath your kitchen cabinetry, you can hang some standard or floating shelves to increase your storage.

Above Cabinets

We had some cabinetry in our living room with lots of white space above. I could have chosen a piece of art to take up the space but we were totally slim on storage so I went with shelving instead. I love the “library” look of my little living room nook. Not to mention, we have a place, other than the attic, for our vintage book collection.

Now that you know the perfect places for extra shelves in your home, you can begin the installation process today. Don’t forget to gather all the necessary tools and equipment to hang your shelves and think about the top qualities to look for in shelf support so that you can ensure your shelve’s stability.

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