Birthday Gifts for Her

34 years, WOW! I can’t believe I am a full grown woman when I still feel like such a girl inside. I mean, I am a mom, business owner, home owner, what? How did all of this happen? Anyone else feel this way? This year I had an amazing birthday with family, friends, and my boyfriend. In this post, I am sharing my favorite birthday gifts for her.

5 Best Birthday Gifts for Her

Quay Sunglasses

One of my best friends gave me a pair of Quay Australia sunglasses and I must say, I feel like a superstar in them. I have heard of Quay but never actually tried them out. I went online to check out their styles but without being able to try them on, I wasn’t willing to take the leap. Now, I am a Quay fan! I would have never chose these shades for myself but obviously, my best friend knows what looks good. I can’t get enough of these sunnies and have worn them every day since getting them! Want to get a few birthday gifts for her that will spice up her style? Definitely go with a few pair of Quay.

PMD Kiss

PMD sent me one of their Kiss systems for my birthday and I am in LOVE! The PMD Kiss is a smart anti-aging lip plumping system that uses pulsating vacuum technology and specially formulated serum to create a fuller appearance of lip volume while restoring youthfulness. If you use PMD Kiss daily, it will also boost collagen! There are so many PMD beauty tools available if you are in search of birthday gifts for her.

Pugh’s Flowers

I love supporting locally owned businesses where I can and obviously my friends do too! My other very dear friend sent me this beautiful and unique floral arrangement on my birthday. It looks so beautiful sitting next to my bath tub to enjoy while having a little soak. Now you don’t have to live in Memphis to enjoy Pugh’s as they ship all over the nation making the best birthday gifts for her!

FitVine Case of Wine

In a previous post I shared my favorite wines and it just so happens that FitVine sent me an entire case of wine for my birthday. I have never had Chenin Blanc before and theirs is so absolutely creamy yet light and refreshing. I also loved their rose.

A Custom Phone Case

If you’re looking for a special gift to give, nothing can beat a custom case for your girl! You can have something near and dear to her printed on the phone case. It can be a picture of you two or with your closest circle of friends, her beloved pet, or her favorite character from a movie or TV series. It can be anything special to her. Find out what her phone model is, and have a suitable case customized with the design you’ve chosen. She’ll have a reminder of the people and things that are dear to her anywhere she goes.

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