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I made the ultimate mistake when moving into my new home! I gave my two young boys their own room! Now, you may be wondering why that is such a huge mistake, well when your kids are 3 and 5 and have a gazillion toys, it is near impossible to keep both rooms clean. While I am cleaning one, they are destroying the other! I officially decided to make one room for sleeping and the other for toys! NO INTERMINGLING! In this post I will reveal my boys room ideaS and share some of my favorite boys room decor pieces!

So here is what used to be my youngest’s room. I decided to go with a worldy theme decorating with a little map art, animal figurines, and a navajo designed rug!

I found the figurines at TJ MAXX. They have so many unique table decor items and shelf art. As for the map, I put a lot of time into choosing the perfect design. I wanted something that had a vintage feel to mimic a ship’s map, but that also had labels so that as the boys grow up, we can use this piece for educational purposes and conversation starters. I also like to sprinkle old family heirlooms throughout my house so I put my grandfather’s and grandmother’s foot lockers from when they were in the Air Force at the end of my boy’s beds and my great grandfather’s rocking chair over in the corner.

I am all about adding a personal touch to living spaces and wanted to put the boy’s names above their bed without just spelling it out on the wall. That is when I came across The Birthly piece. The Birthly is a unique and timeless birth poster that matches your child’s actual height at birth. What a beautiful addition to for any child’s room, and even better, when my boys get older, they can share this piece with their children. (This also makes a wonderful holiday gift for the grandparents!)

When reviewing the boys room ideas, I knew I only had room for 2 twin beds or one queen. The boys used to sleep together in Jack’s full sized bed a lot and they would continuously wake each other up throughout the night because they both toss and turn, so 2 twin beds were definitely the better choice. When shopping beds, comfort was super important to me. Jack complained that his bed was too soft, and James’ bed seemed pretty hard. That is when I decided to go with Idle Gel Foam Sleep beds with the adjustable base.

I must say, the boys officially have the best beds in the house! These mattresses are at least 1″ taller than other brands, have 5 levels of contoured support and adaptive gel-fused layers for comfortable, cool sleep. Both of my boys are hot natured and sweat while they sleep so the cool nature of this mattress keeps them comfortable. Now of course, the biggest hit with the boys is that is has an adjustable base so the kiddos can lift the mattress upward while watching tv, and lay it down all the way flat when they are ready to catch some z’s. If you would like to try out an Idle Sleep mattress risk free for 18 month head on over to their site and pick out your new favorite bed ever!

As for sheets and bedding, I wanted to choose a line that was breathable as well as comfortable, therefore I went with All Cotton and Linen! I love how the boys never wake up sweaty in this cool bedding. Now they can take their bath at night so there is no rushing around in the morning to knock off the sweat with a bath. All Cotton and Linen is also a very sustainable brand. They focus on zero waste at every step. All of their products are made from 100% GOTS-certified organic raw products. Can’t get any better than this!

So there you have it! My newly renovated boys room. I hope you liked all of my boys room ideas. If you did, feel free to share this post on your favorite Pinterest board via the pinnable image below! If you have any other boys room ideas to share, please them in the comments. I am always open to try and learn new things.

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