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Bridal Shower Etiquette in the Workplace

 In my styling career, I get asked all the time about work place bridal shower fashion and etiquette. I decided to showcase the perfect look for your corporate bridal shower party as well as key points to remember for etiquette purposes. I mean, lets be real, while your work place buddies love you and are so very excited for you, they are not your family and your mannerisms should accommodate the professional relationships that you share.


Top – The Ivory Closet | Pants and Blazer – Lisette L | Bag and Shoes – The Attic Apparel
Women come in to my shops all the time looking for bridal shower dresses, which is a super easy fix. But when I get the ladies who need appropriate work bridal shower attire, things get a little tricky. I always recommend the Lisette L Slimming dress pant. I love the cropped style as it shows off the ankle, which in the corporate world of fashion is “sex appeal”, especially paired with heels. The perfect, festive addition for the corporate wedding shower is a “wifey” or “bride” top. You can choose a basic cotton fabric as long as you keep it classy with a nicely fitted blazer.  Lisette also makes a snazzy blazer that can be dressed up or down. This blazer is my go to coat for work or an evening dinner as it is comfortably fitted with a breathable fabric. Now…on to the etiquette lesson.
3 Important Workplace Bridal Shower Etiquette Tips 
1. Since the shower is at work, the host of the shower will not be opening up her home. How do I present a hostess gift?
In a workplace shower, chances are, there is not just one host. You are probably being thrown a shindig planned by your entire team. A thank you gift is still appropriate. Instead of going out and buying individual gifts for everyone who attended, bake snacks. Choose 3 to 5 of your favorite finger food dishes and bring them to work for a pop-up thank you snack table. Don’t forget to leave a thank you card in front of the plates for your team to read. 
2. Should your soon to be hubby pop in?
While the popularity of couples showers are on the rise, the beau should not pop in unexpected unless he works with you. If your colleagues give you the thumbs up by asking you to invite your other half, then go for it! Otherwise, a work shower will probably be held on a tight time frame since your boss will expect everyone to get back to work. Inviting your fiance could be distracting and may even prolong the time limited shower. 
3. Should you feel obligated to invite everyone from your work shower to your wedding?   
Basic wedding shower etiquette would say YES to this question, however, a work shower is generally not one where you have a part in inviting the guests. Your work colleagues probably got together themselves and decided to do something special for you. Unless you are particularly close to one of your team members, everyone will, most likely, not expect an invitation. A simple group thank you gift (such as a snack table) would be sufficient for gratitude.

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