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Bridesmaid Hair How To: Classic Side Bun

Being asked to be a bridesmaid in a dear friend’s wedding is such an honor. Helping her pick her dress, planning the big day, sharing in the joy and excitement in her new life chapter that is about to begin, throwing her bachelorette, bridal, and lingerie parties, buying a dress, shoes, accessories…. a lot of excitement and a pretty penny spent, why not save some moo-lah and do your own bridal hair? Here’s a simple how-to for the classic, chic side-bun.


The Classic Side Bun

1. Gather your hair back like you are going to put it in a ponytail leaving two strips of hair at the nap of the neck.
2. With a hair tie, put the hair up into a pony tail, except do not pull the pony tail all the way through the hair tie on the final wrap. This will create a mini-bun. Twist this bun to the side so that it looks vertical. You will have some hair left hanging out of the bun. With a bobby pin, wrap the hair hanging from the mini-bun around the hair tie and secure it. This will hide the hair tie for a more natural look.

You will be left with a mini-bun that looks something like the photo on the right.
3. Take the two trundles that were left at the nap of the neck and twist them up around the mini-bun and secure at the top.

4. Pull the mini bun down close to the nap of the neck and secure with a bobby pin.

6. Twist the two strips of hair that are now at the top of the bun and begin to wrap them around the bun, securing them in the appropriate places for support.

Voile! Happy Hair and a Happy Bridesmaid!

Special Thanks to Pageboy Salon and Amberly Rankin Gwinn 

Pageboy Salon and Spa is a unique boutique style salon that pride themselves on their clean, modern looks. In just a short time of walking through the doors of Pageboy you realize this is a place of style, and possibilities.  

Artist Behind the Shoot: Amberly is a Hairstyling Artist with Pageboy Salon and Spa, Graduate of Paul Mitchell Hair School, and daughter of Pageboy owner, April Rankin. She specializes in bridal and event hair, making each of her styles unique and personalized to the clients style, face shape, and personality.

Here’s to Pageboy Salon and Amberly Rankin Gwinn. Thank you!

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