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Cardio Barre Craze

A customer and friend, Allison Steward, opened a new fitness studio a few doors down from my shop in Overton Square. Allison had divulged in her plans on opening the studio a while back while shopping in The Ivory Closet and her enthusiasm about the project had me anticipating the Cardio Barre’s opening.  I became even more curious about the Cardio Barre concept when she told me that it had something to do with ballet movements (one of my loves).

 (Lacey and I in the Cardio Barre studio)

Being completely honest, I’m not a fan of cardio type workouts (partially because I hate to be unbearably out of breath), but because the cardio moves in this class are about form and core, my mind is more focused on posture than the heart pumping workout I am enduring. Don’t get me wrong, it is tough and you DO sweat, it’s just a form of cardio I can tolerate and grow to love. This workout is all about the core, lengthening the body, and toning the muscles.

(Instructor, Lacey and I after a rewarding workout)

The instructors, will motivate you throughout the class by reminding you that your muscles are not giving up on you, your mind is, that we are all working and burning together to reach the same outcome, and that we are going to be proud of the results we will see. These reminders help me to reach out and grab my second wind, push the pain out of sight, and power through. They are right, I am proud after my workout and it keeps me coming back!

(Emily, Lacey, and Allison – The awesome instructors at Cardio Barre)
The atmosphere is wonderful. The instructors are VERY fun and friendly. They even make the experience personable by encouraging individual students by name. Other than my fashion crash of accidentally wearing see-through leggings in my second class which has nothing to do with Cardio Barre (warning: check the opacity of your leggings before taking this class), I just can’t sing enough praises about my experience at Cardio Barre Memphis. This is one lifestyle change I am definitely going to repeat weekly!

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