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    Fall Makeup Trends for Brown Eyes

    Yesterday I made an Ulta run to kick start my fall makeup look and fell in love with the color palettes of the season. Brown eyed girls, plums, rose, and berry…

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    Is Botox Safe For Your Face?

    Deciding whether to get Botox as a wrinkles treatment can bring many questions to the top of the mind. In this post, I will cover the questions everyone seems to ask,…

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    Combination Skin Type & Skincare

    I feel like it is easy to choose skincare when you have either dry or oily skin types, but what about combination skin types? But first, what defines combination skin and…

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    Dermaplaning + What is it?

    Turns out that “dermablade” is the most searched topic on my blog over the past few months so I decided to partner with Memphis’ Best Med Spa, A Beautiful You Medical…