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    How Painful is Laser Hair Removal?

    Despite what many who have not yet had laser hair removal fear, laser hair removal is not more painful than waxing, most people even confessing that waxing is much more uncomfortable.…

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    Flawless Skin in Your 30’s

    It seems like the fun care-free lifestyle of my 20’s has finally caught up with my skin in my 30’s. Sun spots, millia, fine lines, dryness, and thinner skin had all…

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    Vichy Shower Bed

    Last week I had a relaxing massage experience like no other! Feather’s Spa in the Peabody Hotel has the only Vichy Shower Bed in the state of Tennessee and I can…

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    Is SculpSure permanent?

    After completing my SculpSure treatment with A Beautiful You Medial Spa, I have been asked the same question, Is SculpSure permanent? I did one treatment 5 months ago and my results…