Cleaning Tips for Homes with Pets

Being a pet owner comes with so many benefits, but it will likely change the way you go about everyday tasks. Cleaning your home is one of those chores that will change significantly, but with these expert tips, you are sure to maintain a tidy living space while enjoying the advantages of your furry friends.

Stop the Mess at the Door

The most important tip is to prevent your pets from bringing dirt from outside into your home. Do this by wiping their paws each time they reenter the house. An old towel or rag will be sufficient for dusting any dirt or grass that may attach to their paws. In addition to this, you may consider investing in a mud buster for cleaning extremely dirty or muddy paws.

Another solution to this problem is adding a pet cleaning station to your home. Whether you add this to your mudroom or add an exterior entrance to your bathroom, the tub will be very well utilized for quick baths when your pet gets into something messy while outdoors. This station will contain the mess as soon as they enter your home, without allowing them to spread it throughout the house.

Routine Grooming & Vet Appointments

Regular grooming will help limit the amount of hair and shedding that ends up on your floors and under your furniture. Stay on top of these appointments and be sure to ask your groomer how often you should bring your pets in since this timeline can vary breed-to-breed. In between grooming appointments you should also be brushing your pet’s coat on a daily basis. This ensures that they remain clean and tangle-free while also brushing out the undercoat in a contained area rather than letting it shed throughout your house.

The health and wellness of your pet is also a crucial factor in the cleanliness of your home, especially when it comes to skin irritations or conditions that affect your pet’s fur/oils. Keep up with routine vet appointments to ensure your pet is healthy and up to date on its shots. Because these vet appointments are inevitable and often frequent, you may also ask yourself: is it worth it to buy pet insurance? It could be the perfect investment in your pet’s health, ultimately helping keep up with the cleanliness of your home by getting ahead of any environmental or hereditary conditions. With your animals in prime health, you will limit the number of accidents your pet has on your nice rugs & furniture, leaving less mess for you to clean.

Regularly Clean Furniture & Rugs

While these accidents are oftentimes bound to happen, especially with puppies, let’s discuss a few tips for cleaning them. First, it is important to note that even without big accidents you should be cleaning your plush furniture every 1-2 months depending on the amount of traffic it incurs. There are several products on the market that work great for furniture so be sure to do your research in order to get what’s best for your household. 

Another option is to hire a professional to come in to do your regular cleanings. While this is a much pricier option, it can be well worth it to turn your furniture back to new. You might even mix professional cleanings with your regular ones to save a little money. Either way, it is best to keep your upholstery clean in order to create a healthier household.

Invest in Quality Products

There are two sides to picking out cleaning products. Start by looking into ones that aren’t toxic to you or your pets. Pets sniff and lick everything, so you will want to be sure that all cleaning products, including those used for non-pet messes, are free of any toxins that might be harmful to your family and animals. Clean products within the home are super important to the health of everyone in your home, including your pets.

Next, look into cleaning products that actually work and will tackle those pet messes that are inevitable. You’ll want to choose products that make sense for your house and are able to clean up after your furry friends. Be sure to get a good all-purpose cleaner, a carpet cleaner, and a pet shampoo in order to be well-equipped for any accidents that happen.

When it comes to cleaning after your pets this task can be daunting, but being prepared with the right tools will make this daunting task a breeze and will allow you to enjoy a clean home while being a pet owner.

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