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I always have a BLAST with these ladies and this month, you can get the incite on our dynamic in Click Magazine’s Technology issue where we tell all on blogging, how it is important in the digital world today, and our daily life as a blogger.


CLICK: How would you define your personal style?
ME: I would say it is exactly the name of my blog! City Chic. Growing up in the burbs of Chicago and visiting the city on the weekends as a child, I am a city girl at heart. I love sleek borderline professional with a mix of leisure in my style. Skinny jeans, pumps, a white tee and a black blazer is my absolute favorite go to look. Black is my go to color. I could NEVER have enough.

CLICK: What is City Chic Living?
ME: I am a mommy, entrepreneur, makeup artist, fashion stylist, and adventurer. I launched City Chic Living to share the fashion trends that I discover in my trips to market, new beauty tips that I pick up in my makeup trend update classes,  my latest health and lifestyle challenges, interviews with fellow entrepreneurs, and mommy stuff!   Just as this blog has empowered me to expand in my expertise, City Chic Living is for the modern woman who seeks to be empowered through fashion and makeup tips, health and lifestyle ideas, mommy topics, and more.

CLICK: Do you prefer a ​​c​lassic or ​t​rendy​ look​?​ Or a mix? Why?​
ME: Classic. I have always been into the 1920’s style when women were taking risks with fashions, sporting shoulder length or shorter hair, mens suits, and eye catching jewels. That style has been recreated throughout the decades with little spins on the interpretation but never the less, it is always done with grace and femininity that exuberates power

CLICK: How did you meet the other three?
ME: A dear friend of mine that owns Sugarplum consignments suggested that I start a blogging group as there is nothing like it in Memphis. She gave me the names of some pretty terrific bloggers and I reached out! The four of us met at a Panera Bread and the rest is history!

CLICK: How has being a mother to two young boys shaped your style choices?​
ME: I never understood dressing for comfort before. “Beauty is pain” used to be my motto. Well, that phrase is for the birds! As an entrepreneur we find ourselves in the slower months on a budget, which means I am often found running around town with my three year old in one hand, a diaper bag on my back, purse and computer bag on each shoulder and a baby carrier in the other hand. I am ALL ABOUT COMFORT NOW! I have not let it compromise my style choices, as feeling good means that I am more productive and style makes me feel beautiful, I am just more selective in my style choices. Passing the comfort test is a must!

CLICK: What’s something that surprises you about the local fashion scene?
ME: That we are catching up! As a boutique owner and buyer, I have to buy for my market which usually means that I have to stick to conservatism and stay away from anything too “fast” as the industry calls it. Lately, I have been branching out on our styles and bringing in “edge”  To my surprise, our customers are loving it! The south is catching up with the newest trends on the runway.

CLICK: What’s one fashion trend you love?
ME: 90’s is back in! I am definitely a child of the 90’s at heart, from the grunge inspired fashion, to depressing music, to the awesome TV shows..I think I could be stuck in the 90’s. haha

CLICK: What’s one fashion trend you hate?
ME: Chevron and embroidered patches. I know, I know…call me a little old but hey, I am older now and just can’t get on board. Not to say it isn’t cute on other people, I see girls sporting the trend and they look adorable but I just can’t do it in my closet.

CLICK: Favorite color?
ME: To wear, Black…but for some reason I am always drawn to shades of green. I would never wear this shade unless it was in my pocket book. haha But seriously, when I walk into a store and there is green somewhere on the shelf I gravitate.

CLICK: Favorite material?​
ME: It’s nothing extravagant or expensive but to most people’s surprise, I can’t get enough of rayon. You can find it at your local boutique for about $30 bucks. You will thank me later.

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I am an entrepreneur, author, and mom of 3 from Memphis, Tennessee. I fill my days pursuing the dream of being my own boss as a full time influencer and sensory marketing specialist while spending my evenings playing superheros, helping with homework, making dinner, and tucking in my littles.

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