Contemporary At Home Office

First room in the new house is complete and ready for the big reveal! I loved the photowall wallpaper mural in my traditional home office from my prior home so I went with them for a beautiful accent wall in my new home office. In this post, I will share my wallpaper, wall collage, and home office furniture with you!

Unique Wallpaper

When I am looking for a unique wallpaper mural there is only one place I go, Photowall. They have thousands of beautiful wallpaper installations sure to satisfy any home decor style. My grandmother loved peacocks and because I like to include sentiment into my home decor design, I have dedicated this room to her. Photowall has the perfect peacock design that comes in several colors. I chose the navy and gold design for a regal, yet feminine look. Want to accent your home with a beautiful wallpaper? Head on over to Photowall to get started on your very special room upgrade.

Interesting Accents

I do a lot of creating in my office, therefore I like to surround myself with my favorite brands, historical items, and little treasures that are very dear to my heart. From a 200 year old tibetan lock to an antique Shakespeare books, I have always believed that treasured items energize the mind and influence creativity.

Collage Wall

A collage is a unique way to showcase family photos, accomplishments, and wall ornaments. Instead of hanging collegiate degrees so boringly on the wall alone, I decided to get crafty and create a little wall art. Yes, I know there is blank space in the upper middle of my collage. That is for my future PhD, although it will remain empty for 3 more year I gain motivation from the prospect of a degree hanging in that space one day.

Funky Furniture Pieces

If you want extremely ornate furniture you have to check out Nadeaus. Their beautiful pieces are very affordable and of high quality. Everyone is so surprised at the amazing prices of Nadeau’s furniture as it truly is very low priced. They are able to offer this competitive pricing by eliminating the middleman distributer and purchasing the furniture direct from the makers. My desk and accent chair are from Nadeau’s.

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