Creative Brunch Drinks for Your Next Sunday

Nothing is like waking up on a Sunday and enjoying a delicious brunch. The choices between breakfast and lunch are unlimited while enjoying light and fruity drinks that pair perfectly with the mid-morning meal. There will surely be a drink for everyone, whether enjoying a cocktail or skipping the alcohol altogether.  Here are some creative brunch drinks for you next Sunday that will be a hit. 


The screwdriver is a staple drink for brunch for a reason. It is sure to pack a punch while enjoying brunch. It is made with vodka, which has a 40% ABV in the U.S. This drink is easy to make in large batches, so it is perfect for large gatherings or people who enjoy lots of drinks with brunch. 

Screwdrivers are great options since they are easy to make and pair well with lots of food. To make it combine vodka and orange juice in a glass to create this drink. Using freshly squeezed orange juice and ensuring the vodka isn’t over-poured will give the best results. 

Crazy Bloody Mary

This drink is different from the traditional bloody mary. It is like a meal in a glass. First, make a traditional bloody mary with tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire and hot sauce. Whether alcohol is the drink depends on the preference someone chooses. 

Now here comes the crazy part. The garnish is a mini grilled cheese with a pickle on the skewer. Make bacon and form it into a straw as a fun decoration and a different eating experience. 


Mimosas are another fan-favorite brunch drink. Many people enjoy this drink since it is soft, delicious and easy to customize. The only ingredients needed to make this is triple sec, orange juice and Champagne. It can be customized with different fruit juices for a new experience. Popular options include pineapple mimosas, apple cider mimosas and cranberry mimosas. 


Another delicious fruity brunch drink is a bellini. This drink uses prosecco, which adds a unique and bubbly texture. It is a sparkling wine with puréed peach. 

Typically white peaches are used to make this drink, but yellow or frozen peaches are an option too. Use frozen peaches as a garnish or drop them into the glass to keep them cool without diluting them. 


Many people enjoy the taste of grapefruit in the morning. A greyhound is perfect for capturing that flavor. It is similar to the screwdriver but replaces orange and grapefruit juice. At the brunch, have both fruit juices so your guests can choose between the two mixed drinks. 

Sea Breeze 

A sea breeze is a quick and straightforward drink. It is a vodka-cranberry drink with a dash of grapefruit for extra dimension. It is another excellent option for larger parties since the simple ingredients can be put into a pitcher. 

Fuzzy Navel 

This sweet and fruity cocktail is a favorite for many people. It is a screwdriver but with a peach twist. The ingredients for this drink are a shot of peach schnapps to orange juice. There is no need to shake it, just pour and it is good to go. 

New Orleans Fizz

This cocktail always impresses guests. It became popular during the Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans. This classic drink needs to be added to the list of drinks to know. To make it grab some gin, cream, simple syrup, lemon and limes juice, egg whites, orange flower water and club soda. 

Fill a shaker bottle with the ingredients besides the club soda. The key is to vigorously shake the mixture with ice to ensure the egg and cream are mixed well to the point it is silky. Strain the drink into a tall glass and top it with club soda. 

Orange Fizz

For those who prefer their mornings without alcohol, this is an excellent mocktail to have brunch. It is a budget-friendly concentrate that enhances ordinary ingredients. Make this as a punch with a bowl mixed with ginger ale and orange juice concentrate. Add slices of fruit like oranges, grapefruit and lemons as decoration. 

If your guests want to add alcohol to this drink, have vodka, rum or gin on the side. Keep a ratio of one to four of alcohol to fizzy drink. This drink can go down quickly since it is sweet, so remember how many drinks each guest can tolerate. 

Caramel Frappuccino

Tell your guest to skip the coffee run before brunch. Make guests a caramel Frappuccino to give them the boost of energy they need. This delicious iced coffee drink recreates the Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino with its sweet caramel and coffee combination. 

Once all the ingredients are acquired, it is simple to make. Grab instant coffee, water, xanthan gum, whole milk, caramel sauce or syrup, ice and whipped cream. Mix the coffee and water until it is dissolved. In a separate dish, combine xanthan gum and water until it resembles a lumpy paste. 

Add the coffee and xanthan gum mixtures in a blender with milk, caramel sauce or syrup and ice. Blend until smooth and pour in glasses topped with whipped cream and drizzled caramel on top. 

Try These Creative Brunch Drinks

Next time the brunch festivities are held at home, try these creative drink ideas. Whether they have alcohol or not, they will “wow” the guests attending. 

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