Creative Ideas To Ace Your Next Bathroom Remodel

If you’re unhappy with your current bathroom layout but unsure where to start, these creative ideas to ace your next bathroom remodel are just what you need. Read on to learn more about designing the bathroom of your dreams.

Change Up Your Lighting

Natural, bright light is the key to giving any bathroom that clean, spa-like vibe, so make sure your windows let in as much light as possible. Breezy, lightweight curtains are an excellent choice (and don’t forget to clean your windows!).

Swapping out your existing lighting for new fixtures can be another terrific way to brighten up your room, especially if your current fixtures are a bit dim. This is especially important if your bathroom doesn’t get much natural light. Plus, fun lighting fixtures can pull the whole room together and really showcase your style.

Swap Out Your Mirror

As well as being a necessary addition to any bathroom, mirrors have the amazing quality of reflecting light. This means that a large enough mirror will make the entire room look bigger and airier. This is crucial if you’re going for a spa-style or breathable feel.

Replace your mirror with one in a fun shape or a statement frame. Your mirror is one of your bathroom’s best statement pieces! If you have a built-in mirror and buying a new one isn’t in your budget, try framing the existing mirror. You’ll get the look while spending less.

Reevaluate Your Shower Space

As you implement creative ideas to ace your next bathroom remodel, take a moment to consider your bathtub and shower space. How often do you really use each of these items? If you never use your bathtub, consider removing it in favor of a stunning walk-in shower. There are many options for great-looking shower tiles, from subway tiles to hexagons and more.

If, on the other hand, you practically live in your bathtub, consider a smaller shower in favor of a freestanding bathtub. While this can be a bit trickier depending on your available space, a beautiful bathtub is well worth the trouble. Not only is it an elegant statement piece, but you will find it so much easier to relax in a comfortable, spacious tub.

Freshen Up Your Vanity

Your vanity is likely where you spend the most time in your bathroom. It should be a space you absolutely love. Replacing your vanity gives you options like opting for more counter space or switching from single to double sinks, ensuring you don’t have to share with your partner. It also gives you the option of changing up the style of your vanity, whether to maximize your space or better match your tastes.

If completely replacing it is out of your budget, consider painting your vanity! From bold statement colors to soft neutrals, there are plenty of options to choose from.

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