Creative Ways to Refresh Your Home This Winter

You’ve packed up the Christmas decorations and sat down to review your hard work. Looking around, does your home seem empty and a little bland sans the holiday decor? The walls seem bare, and the cold winter weather makes everything feel dull.  

Bring life back into your home with a winter refresh. Changing out a few accessories or bringing in a new piece could change the whole dynamic of your house. You’ll find something perfect on this list for your tastes, budget and availability. 

Add a Cozy Rug 

When winter’s chill is nipping at your toes, a rug can be the perfect accessory to keep you warm and make a bold statement. You can keep things small by adding a cute carpet in front of your sink or a runner in the entryway. Go even bigger by adding an area rug to your living or bedroom. You can even layer carpeting for greater impact. 

Do a Thorough Declutter

Right after taking down your holiday decor is the perfect time to go through your nooks and crannies for things you no longer need. Consider donating any pieces you didn’t use this Christmas. Then tackle tough spots like your wardrobe and the kitchen. Doing so will help you breathe easier in your surroundings and make room to store any new gifts. 

Change Out Your Art and Accessories

You don’t need to purchase new decor to make your spaces feel brand new. Pull down all your art and accessories from each room and perform a swap. Take the painting out of your guest and repurpose it as mantle art. The accessories you used to decorate your office might gain new life on the shelves in your living room. Keep going until each room feels refreshed. 

Rearrange the Furniture

If changing your art and accessories around doesn’t seem like a big enough change, you can rearrange or swap furniture as well. Accent chairs and decorative tables are relatively simple to trade around, as are lamps and stools. 

Even within the rooms, you can move your furniture into different configurations until you find something you love. 

Update Your Pillows and Throws

An easy way to change the look of your living or bedroom is to swap out your pillows and throw blankets. You can interchange whole pillows or invest in basic cushions and a range of beautiful covers. Covers take up less room in storage and are easier to wash. As you choose new pillows or cases, ensure you’re staying true to your aesthetic — it’s tempting to buy anything cute, but it needs to match the rest of your home. 

Keep Nature Alive

If you live in a climate that sees snow and chill all winter, you know the season makes the whole world look dead. Invite new life in and out of your home by adding plenty of seasonal greenery. Evergreen shrubs and wreaths make great additions to your front porch. Meanwhile, strands of greens down the center of your table and seasonal bouquets can liven your interior. 

Bring in More Natural Light

Natural light is severely lacking during the winter months. Make your home look fresh and lively by inviting as much of it in as possible. Open up your curtains and blinds to let the sun in. You can also place mirrors strategically to reflect the light around your space. Light-colored accessories and linens will help to move the light further rather than absorb it. 

Appeal to Your Senses

Winter decor is about far more than letting in light and rearranging the furniture. You want to establish a cozy mood and atmosphere. Appeal to all of your senses to create the right ambiance. 

Adding votives and fairy lights will help your home feel laid back and comforting. Readily available soft blankets and pillows encourage you and your family to snuggle in on a winter’s night. Add in soft music and the right essential oils to complete the picture. 

Swap Out Bedding 

While you’re putting out new decorative pillows, throws and fairy lights, turn your attention to the bedroom as well. Fresh bedding will bring a whole new look to your room. Choose linens in a winter-appropriate scheme like blues, purples and whites. You could even change out your curtains and towels to coordinate. 

Revamp Your Organization

Do cans fall out every time you open the pantry? Do you struggle to find the clothing you’re looking for each morning? Do you consistently see your kids’ toys scattered across the house? Since the cold weather keeps you inside anyway, take this time to revamp the organization throughout your home. 

Treat yourself to a new and improved closet organization system and install lazy susans and shelving in your pantry. Install built-ins or under-bed storage in your kids’ bedrooms for all their toys. 

Refresh Your Home Beyond Christmas

While most American families eagerly decorate for the holidays, winter decor is far less common. Why limit your seasonal decor to one month? Once you’ve stored Santa and the tree for another year, turn your attention to revamping your home for the rest of the winter. 

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