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Discovering Great Finds by Sophorn

South Front Antiques has amassed a great collection of architectural elements, furniture, and decor over the years. Browsing through the two-story brick building, you’ll discover beautiful pieces of history. I honestly could spend hours exploring and imagining a hundred ways all the pieces could be reincorporated into a space. Here are a few of the great finds I’ve discovered on my most recent visit that I hope you might like too.

Stacks of vintage prints, photos, and posters are stored in a vintage library type setting. As an architect, this architectural elevation and plan sketch is particularly intriguing to me as a framed art piece.
This Chinese wood screen would make a lovely divider or table surface with a glass top added. Note: There are two of these screens so double the possibilities. I also documented it for the hex and grid pattern as future graphics inspiration.
The various colors of these old bottles make them extra special. Just sitting on a shelf they would add visual interest. Other ideas would be single flower vases and per South Front has shared an idea to line the bottles up and back light them for a beautiful effect. The Remington typewriter is a beast but the quintessential vintage item to  have especially for photo props.
African masks and antelope heads are arranged almost to convince you that your wall needs all of them to feel complete.
The antelope antlers and skull is a bit more modern than a stuffed animal head with antlers. I now have it in my apartment. Don’t be disappointed if you were looking for one. They have several other great ones.
The painting is happy but the dark tones and field of black is a composition that I could see in many spaces. This wooden piece has a bold pattern I love. Modern graphics shaped in the mass of wood takes that boldness up another level.

The metal door plate, hinges, and doorbell are again such pieces of arts. The intricate design again has my head spinning with inspiration for others things I design.

Lastly, I’m wearing a Branigan Brooke necklace by Sandy Moore who is the exemplary treasure hunter who has incorporated the finds around South Front into amazing pieces of jewelry.

Photos By: Sophorn Kuoy and Dirk Olsen

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