Tips For Decorating A Christmas Mantel

Christmas is just around the corner, and Santa will be on his way in less than 45 days! I’m so excited to start decorating the different spaces in our house for the holidays. Like the kitchen, our living room is very much the heart of the home – it’s where we gather as a family, watch movies by the fire, and open gifts on Christmas morning – definitely one of my very favorite rooms in our home. Speaking of gathering around the fire, the fireplace mantel seems to be a focal point during the holiday season each year; after all, it is where Santa emerges on Christmas Eve to place gifts under the tree. Though settling on the perfect Christmas decor theme may seem a bit daunting, it’s definitely possible with the right attention to detail and thinking outside the box! Whether you’re going for a bold color scheme or a winter wonderland, below are a few tips for decorating a DIY Christmas mantel.


No matter what your mantel theme, garland is a must! There are so many different types of holiday garland – all festive in their own ways. Some are decked out with lights, some with berries, and others with ornaments! Don’t be afraid to go all out when it comes to your garland on the fireplace mantel. I love a great basic garland with lights and pinecones like this one. I go basic so that I can add pops of color with floral accents. This also allows me to change out my colors and themes year after year.


Every time I think of stockings, I think of the infamous Christmas quote, “the stockings were hung by the chimney with care…” because what would the holidays be without stockings?! A festive stocking holder is a must when it comes to decorating the mantel, and the best part is – there’s a stocking holder out there for every theme you could ever imagine! If you have a TV above your fireplace, festive holders may block the view. In this case, I would go with mantle clips for stockings or stocking grips.


My kids love this one! Fake snow is super inexpensive and can be used with any holiday theme you choose. It brings out the winter wonderland of Christmas! Amazon has great artificial snow and it’s super affordable. There are so many options when it comes to decorating with snow – simply spread it across your mantel, pour it into mason jars for a fun DIY craft, or sprinkle it on top of your mini trees and garland.


What is Christmas without lots of sparkling lights? I personally love to light my mantle with battery operated wax candles. Sometimes I will also wrap my garland with lights! Something about it just seems so festive. Also, if you have a wreath above your fireplace, brighten it up with some pretty white lights to keep on throughout the night. If you aren’t decorating with garland or wreaths, no worries, lights are super easy to string across the mantel, too!


Last but not least and one of my personal faves – bottlebrush trees! I love these so much because they make the cutest holiday decor. Bottlebrush trees come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, including pastels, traditional forest green, brights, whites, and neutrals. You can pretty much find them anywhere nowadays! There are so many DIY crafts you can do with these trees, too. The more, the merrier!

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