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DIY: Country Flower Arrangement

If you are like me, you love to have flowers in your home but always botch the arrangement and end up with something that looks like flowers stuffed in a vase, lacking every bit of artistic flair. I got the pleasure of working with Kacie Cooper of Kacie Cooper Floral Design on a simple summer country flower arrangement perfect for the beginner arranger.

In this post, you will learn how to arrange a beautiful, country inspired flower arrangement. Perfect for adding a little happiness to your home.


Utensils Needed:

  Hydrangea Stem / 3 Ranunculus Stems / 3 Yellow Roses / 
1 stem of Queen Anne’s Lace / an Antique Pitcher (2/3 full of H2O) / Scissors
First, You will want to create a base for your arrangement. Start with the largest flower, the hydrangea. Measure the flower so that it sticks up about a half an inch above the top of the pitcher. Be sure to cut the stem at an angle. This helps the flowers to stay fresher, longer.

Next take your roses and cut them down so that they stand just a tad bit taller than the hydrangea. In order to keep the water in the pitcher clear and prevent bacteria from forming, pull off any leaves that will be submerged in H2O once placed in the vase.

Do the same with your ranunculus stems. Be sure to strategically place the flowers so that one color is not all bunched up together.
Once you have added the roses and ranunculus to the pitcher, finish off your masterpiece by cutting from the Queen Anne’s lace and accenting your arrangement.
And there you have it. The perfect Summer, Country Flower Arrangement! 

Want something even easier? Grab a gerbra daisy and a cute coffee cup or antique creamer and pop the daisy in it! A great way to brighten up your office space.
Places to Find Flowers in Memphis: Farmers Markets, Florists, Rachel’s Flowers on Poplar – Happy Hour Saturdays @ 4 pm with 1/2 price flowers.

 Meet Kacie Cooper

With over 18 years in the floral industry, I still try to bring a young and fresh approach to my work. Each event is as unique as the bride. In addition to providing flowers for hundreds of Memphis weddings, Ive decorated historic homes, hotels, and have created floral arrangements for major motion pictures, fashion shows and magazine editorials.
CONTACT KACIE: Kacie Cooper Floral

Kacie’s Expert Tip 
Have a very large dust pan ready, To keep your space clean without having to stop, find a trash can, and cramp your artistic mojo. Push all trimmings and any extra pieces from your clippings to the floor. A true florist keeps her creating place clean at the expense of her floor. You can use your very large dust pan to scoop up the scraps quickly and easily.

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