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DIY: Ladies CAN DO Laminate Floors

I get so many compliments on my shop’s floors. If the clothing does not make an impression, the floors are sure to wow them. I saw the picture below and knew that I needed these floors in my shop, but with limited funds, I had to get crafty. After some research, I found that Krono Originals had the perfect solution! In this post I will tell you how to give your floors a makeover. It’s a super easy, but beautifully rewarding project.

Tools You Will Need:

Saw Horses / Jigsaw / Krono Laminate Tongue and Groove Flooring / Miter Saw

Hammer / Laminate Floor Pull Bar / Spacers / Under Lament / Flat Saw

Laying Laminate

1. Clean and mop the floor to remove all dirt, dust, or grime. Then take the underlayment and roll out to cover the whole floor. The underlayment acts as a layer between a subfloor and a finished floor that facilitates leveling and adhesion

2. Lay a piece of the flooring up against the door jambs on top of the under lament.  Mark your door jambs. You will be cutting a small groove in the jamb so that the new flooring can slide underneath. Using your flat saw, cut into the jamb where the top of the flooring is so that you can cut out a groove to slide the laminate floor underneath.

3. Find your longest wall and start there. Install the first plank with the groove toward the wall. Place your spacers against the wall and push the first plank up against it. 
It is important to use spacers because you want there to be some room in-between the floor and the wall so that the floor can expand and contract with it’s environmental conditions. Your floor needs to breath. Don’t worry. You can cover this gap using crown molding.
4. For each plank, match tongue to groove and tap it into place using the pull and a hammer or mallet. 

 Make sure the pieces fit snugly together and that there are no gaps along the length of the planks. 

In order to make the look more authentic and to reduce weakness in the floor’s construction, stagger the planks by using the left over piece from the end of one row, to start another row. When you get to the end of a row, flip the board over and mark it.

You will want to mark the plank at the point that the last floor ends.

5. Using a miter saw, cut the board straight across where you placed your mark. 

Most miter saws are not big enough to cut the plank completely in half so you may need to turn it around and cut on the opposite side so that the cuts meet together and cut the board in half.

6. The last plank will need to custom trimmed to fit your wall. On my flooring, I had to cut my plank in half longways so that it would fit the width of the space left over.

7. When you are finished your doorways will look like this.

8. You can choose any type of threshold to cover where your flooring meets the floor of another room.

I had so much fun laying these floors and that’s a good thing because now I want to put them in my house as well! 

Happy Father’s Day!

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