Dog Gift Guide for the Good Pups

Tis the season to spoil and love our favorite pets with fun, creative, paw-some gifts from Harry Barker! Millions of households in 2020 have new pets and they’re looking for ways to lavishly spoil their new furry family members this season. Good pups deserve Harry Barker in their stocking and under the tree this Christmas and in this post, I am sharing my pup’s favorite Harry Barker items.

Harry Barker offers fun, modern gift ideas for our own and other people’s pets who are our everything. Here are Harley and Bane’s top 5 picks!

Cotton Rope Toy

Great for chewing and gnawing, this high-end dog rope toy is created with heavy-duty cotton rope made from 100% recycled yarn. My pups gnaw on the knotted ends and also play tug of war. Another added benefit when the rope toy unravels it helps to floss my pup’s teeth. 

Dog Treats and Treat Canister

I have rewarded my pups for making Santa’s “Nice” list with these bags of delicious crunchy biscuits. I use the reusable drawstring bag for treats on a walk to reward Bane for heeling correctly. The dog treats canister is super cute on my counter and boy do my fur babies know what’s coming their way when I pick up the treat canister!

Fresh Dog Food

Reward your pup with delicious nutrient-rich fresh dog food. Consider getting a variety of flavors made from real meat. Not only will this keep things interesting for our furry friends, but it’ll also provide the many nutrients they need on a regular basis!

Dog Bed and Cozy Blanket

The Harry Barker Market Stripe Lounger bed is just the right size for my big boys! It is filled with chipped memory foam and features a soft yet sturdy arched back for the pups to curl up against. I like that the cotton/polyester bed cover is removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. Harley really likes his plaid sherpa blanket too. I use it on the couch or in the car to keep the shedded hair from covering my furniture and obviously for his added comfort.

Prickly Pear 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner

Harley gets dry spots on his back and this Prickly Pear 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner really helps to moisturize. The pickly pear also heals hot spots and soothes dry, damaged skin with natural medicinal extracts.

Toy Bin

Made with 100% jute, this jute dog toy bin is ideal for storing my dog’s toys in style. Bane and Harley have figured out where their toys are kept and knows where to go when they are ready to play.

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