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Easiest Thermometer for Kids

If you have little ones, you know that sick babies and the temperature taking, medicine coaxing and paranoid parent all rolled into one is the perfect recipes for EXTREME STRESS! Recently, my little love became ill with a sinus infection. Dr. Madre had sent me a thermometer to try and I quickly whipped it out of the box and put it into action!

Jack has seemed a little sluggish this evening. I gave him a warm bath, followed by a baby leg massage, and some playtime with his new toys from his birthday party this weekend. While we played in his room, I could tell that some allergy medicine was in need and decided that a temperature reading wouldn’t hurt. 
I have never had a thermometer that you aim and shoot for a reading! Dr. Madre’s Medical Infrared Thermometer makes snagging a temp effortless! The infrared light bounced off of the forehead and returns a reading within a few seconds. Jack became interested in it and insisted that he takes mommy’s temperature next.
And of course, he retook his own. When taking your temperature with this thermometer, you hold the device about 2 inches away from the forehead and press the button…that easy!
The best part, you can get a reading when your little one is asleep. Mommy’s know that snoozing with a sick one is near impossible as you are riddled with nerves and concern for the babe. Of course, Jack will sleep with me when he is sick, and I set my alarm throughout the night to take his temperature. This time, I will wake up but he won’t. PERFECT!
I am so thankful for Dr. Madre’s Medical Infrared Thermometer and from the looks of it, so is Jack!

In need of the simplicity in your home? You can click HERE to order your thermometer complete with a temperature reading pamphlet and special casing for safe keeping.

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