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Enhance Lashes Without Mascara – Before and After

Are you constantly wondering how to make your eyelashes darker without mascara or how to get thicker eyelashes without makeup? I know I have been. Every time I put on strip lashes for a special evening I can’t stop looking in the mirror at my lush lashes! Unfortunately, my glamorous eyes are short lived when its time for bed and my strips are ripped off. I am thrilled to announce that I have found the solution to enhancing your eyes while still looking natural!


Amy Wood, of Taylor Wood Salon is a fashion-driven hair stylist and makeup artist, specializing in hair extensions, balayage, and eye lash extensions. Amy was voted as Yelp’s 2015 Memphis Make-up Artist of the year, and her work has been featured in local and international publications such as At Home, Pink Bride, and Vogue Italia. She is also the genius behind making your peepers show stopping.


Here’s a picture of my lashes on the reg. Without mascara they are pretty short and sparse. My youthful long, flipped up lashes have abandoned my lids and now I am constantly trying different serums and products to give myself a boost.

The process took 2 hours in her super cute salon but I was very relaxed and the bed was comfortable.  Amy asked questions first to get an idea on my lash preference and then began her magic! I was amazed when she was finished! Not only did I look super glam, but I seriously could not feel one thing on my lashes.

I had to throw some sass in this picture because honestly, thats the way these lashes made me feel! The best part, they last 3 – 4 weeks and you can go in water with them! WOW!

Even taking a closer look you can’t tell that they are artificial! I highly recommend Amy Wood’s individual lash service for an every day lash boost. I will be going back for my fill every 3-4 weeks for sure!

Book your appointment with Amy Wood – Taylor Wood Salon to enhance your lovely lashes!


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