Essentials To Pack For A Beach Vacation

Is anyone else longing for a vacation or getaway? I know I can’t be the only one. Though I absolutely love traveling, the packing part is probably the most stressful piece of planning a vacation – it can be such a drag! If you’re going to the beach soon, there are some things you should definitely bring along. Feel free to save this beach vacation essentials packing list or bookmark it to your computer so packing can be made easier. Let’s go to the ocean… who’s with me!?

WATERPROOF PHONE CASE – so it’s actually okay if your kids accidentally drop your phone on the beach!

BEACH WAVES HAIR SPRAY – because you shouldn’t have to worry about styling your hair all the time when on a beach trip! 

THE BEST PACKING CUBES – the organization is endless with these things! Everything just fits – it’s like magic! 

WATERPROOF MASCARA – so you don’t have to worry about mascara-stained-eyes after you swim!

BEACH MAT – instead of using a towel or a blanket…. trust me, this is wayyyyy better than sitting on the sand – your bum will thank you 

BEACH TOWEL – I’d definitely bring a few towels, too if you’re going to swim!

BEACH BAG – this is a must-have you don’t want to forget… especially if you have kiddos! 

PORTABLE CHARGER – so you don’t have to run back to the room to plug it in!

BEACH UMBRELLA – for the days when you get a little bit too red

BEACH CHAIRS – to sit back and relax!

UNDERWATER CAMERA – to capture all the under the sea memories! 

COOLER BAG – for lunch, dinner, or drinks on the beach 

YOUR GO-TO SUNSCREEN – protect your skin

Oh, and don’t forget your clothes, shoes, toiletries, and swimsuits!




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