What keeps people from acting out against or attempting to ruin other people’s lives? Generally morals right? But for those that do not have morals, at least the embarrassment of feeling ashamed of yourself should your actions be revealed. My parents always taught me that if you can’t stand by the truth of your actions without the shame of abandoning your morals or fear of embarrassment, then you should think twice before committing those actions.

(Before moving on, I want to be clear that I am not insinuating that any one person is “moral-less.” I am merely gathering a thought after hearing so many horrendous stories from you all that involve attempts to alienate children from parents or financially ruin an ex-partner with the use of money, power, and abuse of the system.)

Just as I suspected, a cease and desist letter surfaced because I spoke out. It wasn’t sent directly to me, but was sent to my husband’s former attorney. (Also want to note, my husband’s former attorney is incredible! There just has to be a point where you decide, enough is enough financially.) I do not currently have an attorney.

I have been told that a good defense is the truth. Trust that I have been extremely diligent to share the bold truth and my personal opinions only, on the situation. Unfortunately, I had just scratched the surface of our story before this ”cease and desist” was brought to my attention.

I write a third exclusive, despite the cease and desist, because the way I see it, we would have a target on our back regardless, so I might as well reveal the ugly truth of what can happen in special situations where one party is positioned in such a way that they have unlimited legal support.

I was going to send screenshots of the cease and desist with names removed, however I noticed a confidentiality clause at the bottom of the email. Because I want to be completely legal in everything that I share, I decided not to share photos of the cease and desist.

In the letter it said that blogging and instagram posts about (Insert Name) are libelous in nature and were done in a manner that is actionable. These posts have caused embarrassment, emotional distress, and extreme anxiety. (I am thinking ”WELCOME TO MY WORLD…” Sorry, that is my only catty remark.) The letter goes on to say that I am not to include Greg’s son in any images or Instagram stories and that all posts regarding my account of our experience with this case and images of our son should be removed immediately. It also goes on to say that it is astounding that Greg would “allow” (yes it said allow) me to be his surrogate mouth piece and that I should cease this type of behavior, or else. The email was several paragraphs long, but these were the main points.

In the email, the attorney claims that I am my husband’s mouth piece. Let the truth be known, my husband has advised me to stay silent for over a year. I stand my ground as a mouth piece to all, like me, who are also helpless and stomped down due to the abuse of our system by people positioned to have a legal advantage. I am a woman that can’t just sit idly and watch people with advantages abuse the system and attempt to intimidate or bully a powerless person into being their dancing monkey. I will not dance.

In the email, I am referred to Mr. Nolan’s ”present wife,” as if there were another wife, or Ms. (instead of Mrs.) Nolan. This is how I have been referred to the entire trial and in every document sent by the opposing counsel. They even questioned the authenticity of our marriage license the first day of trial. The reference to me as Ms. or ”present wife” could be a major grammatical error that keeps reoccurring, but my guess is that it is yet another attempt to diminish me. A tactic used by, what seems to be, bitter counsel. I find it absolutely amusing and makes for fabulous dinner conversation. While this seems extremely petty for an attorney to do, I believe that these slight jabs are tactics used to ruffle the feathers of innocent bystanders, such as myself.

We are currently appealing all charges in which my husband was found guilty and will hopefully have an outcome in a few months for you!

These series of posts are not an attempt to denigrate, demean or intentionally cause embarrassment to any party. This is merely an attempt to reveal the injustices that happen to every day people like us which are aimed to wreck lives, cause financial ruin, and maximize anxiety to the point that hopeless people will just give up on their lives, or even worse, their children.

I will await a formal and polite ”cease and desist” sent directly to me before I consider removing my truthful account of everything that we have been through.

I am heart broken and fueled by so many of the stories that you all have shared and am sadly shocked to know that Greg and I are not alone. I have decided to cease telling any more of my story for now, however a documentary reached out to me this week and there is a possibility that I will be a spokesperson on the truth of how injustices, such as these, can destroy lives. With that being said, I have shared enough of my story, but I am ready to share yours!

Please continue to email me your stories. As I have done with my story, I will not use names but may use these stories to help compile my piece in the documentary.


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Hi! I'm Alexandra

I am an entrepreneur, author, and mom of 3 from Memphis, Tennessee. I fill my days pursuing the dream of being my own boss as a full time influencer and sensory marketing specialist while spending my evenings playing superheros, helping with homework, making dinner, and tucking in my littles.

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  1. 4.27.22
    Marie said:

    Hello! I would love to share my story in full with you and share other people stories that I’m allowed to bring up because I’m doing a documentary on this very subject and exposing a lot of the issues many face.
    I helped spearhead passing a law that now mandates that parents who are divorcing must be educated on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). No one should be silenced because these attorneys have harmed many …many … lives and other parties out of spite — we all know this game called “war of the roses” … these attorneys legalize a way with nonsense like this to created and aided in trauma and abuse of the system and this harms all involved and their own clients , when they should focus on healing not all this stuff like you mentioned—especially for the children! They claim they are family lawyers and it’s family court system but what about family does it help ?? I have reached out to the board of professional responsibility to open up the door and make my complaints about certain attorneys and also I’m making a large stand with other attorneys judges and state legislators that are going to help create a change so this won’t go unnoticed at all overall — and more and more people are speaking out … and when you see these celebrities and what they have to go through and doing —you see their ACEs are fueled and these attorneys should know better — and if they don’t , that’s why we’re taking it to a larger platform to make sure attorneys and anyone in the family court system understands what adverse childhood experiences is about—I truly wish you the best and I’m happy to share my story !!!
    Hundreds of voices coming on board and it’s gonna be known regardless so it can’t be hidden and we can’t be threatened by telling the truth— They even tried using my platform of me being a spokesperson for domestic violence and women empowerment to try to claim that I was in the wrong — if you don’t have anything to hide there’s nothing to hide and you let people speak , too many victims and this is a stress on everybody involved in the family divorce game —it’s horrible going through this and think about the trauma on these children overall that just want peace and be happy with both parents —we need criminal attorneys to handle divorce cases because many crimes being committed — many can very well play victim and use the children as weapons and pawns to get you to shut up and I’ve seen therapist and other attorneys all in on this —this is what is happening in general and they make the other look like the bad person… this is the name of the game! All we have to do is look up dockets and public record filings and see all the nonsense stuff that they keep filing to create more issues and financial abuse on all parties —I’m not speaking on anything that’s not known and one person called it the memphis Matrix .. a doctor who had to spend over a million just to prove he wasn’t crazy and the kids who now young adults coming forth to tell what the attorneys did to the parents and what the mom did to try to harm their dad —there are sooo many stories that are coming forth …we should be having both sides thrive not barely surviving and punishing! Enough is enough!

    • 4.27.22
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      Thank you so so much for your comment and story! I would love to speak in your documentary. I would also love to know more about your ACES classes. My husband and I would like to attend!!! Great work you are doing for all of us who are victims.

  2. 4.27.22
    Karen Medlin said:

    Hi Alex,
    I am a friend of Shannon and Tara. I have been glued to this story. It should be illegal for anyone, especially attorneys to be able to get away which such abuse of power. My step daughter has gone through a similar custody battle for years with her exhusband ( whom has custody of their daughter ) and you talk about abuse of power!! Her ex husband’s family has all of water valley, attorneys , judges and sheriff in their hip pockets! Even though he has custody; my granddaughter actually lives with his mother and step father not him!! Please do the documentary! Keep us posted on how things are going. After this is over, you should write a book. You are well spoken and very elliquint in your words.
    Take care,
    Karen Medlin

    • 4.27.22
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      Hi Karen! Thank you for your story. It is such an unfortunate thing and also a lucrative business. Divorce and custody should be fair. Neither party should not be allowed to bully or intimidate for years upon years.

  3. 4.27.22
    Karee said:

    250k in divorce costs, ongoing constant battle, regular alienation, etc. I feel your pain. I hate it for you!!

    • 4.27.22
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      Oh I am so so sorry Karee. Do people ever get tired of spending all of their time and efforts trying to destroy other happy people? It is exhausting to be the victim but seems like it would be even more exhausting being the one constantly initiating all of the turbulence.

  4. 4.28.22
    Penny jones said:

    So so sorry Alex! Feel free to share my story on how there are lawyers who will take anything. I mean really going after sister for roses and atm withdrawals to supposedly take my sister on a date. The cost is crazy and in Mississippi they do not have a time limit. At least in Arkansas, you have to settle after 3rd time. I unfortunately was fighting Mississippi law. Be careful sweetheart because I love you. These attorneys can find some law number to come after you. The system is for the wrong person. Praying for you, Greg and kids. Prayer is the only thing that will change things. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💋. Your friend always,

    • 4.28.22
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      Thank you Penny. I wish they had some sort of time limit in Tennessee. I just feel like these long exacerbated trials over “he said, she said” are a waste of the courts time, tax payer dollars, and more importantly ruin lives.

  5. 4.28.22
    Marie said:

    We are working on creating caps and with our documentary raising awareness to all the issues the attorneys are crafting

  6. 4.28.22
    Sarah Dalesandro said:

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this ♥️

    • 4.28.22
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      Thank you so so much Sarah. We are strong and will get through it!!

  7. 6.28.22
    Elizabeth said:

    Where do you address on this website your husband saying denigrating things about the mother in front of the child?

    • 6.28.22
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      I would love to write an entire post revealing that section but I felt I could get in trouble for the details as this was in 2018 before he met me. I am however sharing MY experience with this situation in my posts.

      Per your question, I can keep this brief and to the point. Per the transcript, he called her a name when they were going through the divorce and again in 2018 during arguments over the parenting plan. I believe he was in the parking lot and his son was in the backseat of [insert name’s] car during one occasion? I will have to ask him when he gets home as the transcript is over 600 pages and I don’t know where it specifically is.

      She tried to sue him over this when he became serious with his first relationship after their marriage. He then signed whatever consent paperwork she put in front of him in 2018 saying that he would never call her another name to her face or in front of his child… Guess what? He hasn’t. She has however brought all of this back up in court and is re-suing (if that’s even a word) him for the name-calling from 2018 in our current court case. These are the little tricks that can be played by people who are in the business of divorce. (Not finger pointing… just little ways for powerful people to keep their thumb on your pulse. A cause in which I have researched quite a bit.)

      I can’t speak to what he called her on here. (Of course I have heard the recordings and know the words. Yes, she seems to have recorded every interaction. Even some marital arguments from before their divorce. ) I can speak to the fact that he has never called me a name… and if he did, I would laugh. Words. Im not the type of girl that is affected in the least over words. If I was I would be BA-ROKE with suing all types of people because I have been called every name in the book during my lifetime. Haha

      Also, doing you a favor… Your email address pops up on some very seriously embarrassing sites. Not sure if you were hacked… but be sure to check that out. I would have those removed or change my email address if I were you. Xo

      • 6.28.22
        Alexandra Nicole said:

        I can send you screenshots of where your email is popping up in Google if that will help! Just email me and let me know. It shouldn’t be too hard to get it taken down unless you were hacked. Although you are sending this comment through that email so I am not sure what a going on. Just let me know! 🙂