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I felt like the title of this blog post is fitting because it is just about as ridiculous as this circus I have been living in the past two years. I have to admit, I have officially entered the ring and I am trying my hardest to remove the pettiness from my tone, but there is only so much one woman can take before she feels like she needs to defend herself and her family, so DING, DING, DING… I have been tapped in. I am going to address this post a little differently from my normal “EXCLUSIVES.” Today, I am sharing the attorney letter we received from our attorney when my husband got out of surgery yesterday and outlining my points. I will make them swiftly and unapologetically.

But first, To the Minions

Hello my not so favorite people, INSERT NAME’S minions. I have spent two years of my life blocking all of the Instagram accounts that I believed to be “finsta” accounts of INSERT NAME and friends of INSERT NAME, but it seems I have not succeeded in this mission, so this one is for you.

I understand that you feel like you are “helping a friend out” by sharing all the details of my life with it, “INSERT NAME,” but what you may not understand is that this person has no bounds. This person has quite literally had my husband sentenced to jail time for things that are not illegal in the word of the law. Things like me spending the night at his home shortly before our wedding. (In case you were wondering, he was sentenced 10 days in jail for that.) We are still waiting for the very lengthy and expensive appeal to finalize for these matters and hope and pray that the judges who heard our appeal will think this thing is as ridiculous as everyone else does. I CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

I suspect INSERT NAME will have another list of ridiculous counts to serve us as soon as the appeal is over. Outside of you adding to her list by recording my social media interactions and sending them to her, she records EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION my husband has with his son. We have witnessed it and his son has told us his FaceTime calls are recorded. (Trust me. If we are around, check to see if her phone is so conventionally hanging out of her pocket with the bottom up to catch a voice recording of all interactions.)

Because of you, I fully expect that I will be called a “danger” to our children because of the letter we received yesterday concerning me carrying a firearm to protect my family. For your information, I have already been called a danger to our child through this two year long court battle and attempts were made to have me removed when he came to visit. You are adding fuel to a very large legal fire that you don’t want to be a part of, and trust me, YOU WILL become a part of it so long as you participate in adding to it.

One would think I could just make my Instagram private. I can’t. This is my full time job and primary income. Brands require me to send post insights and this functionality is not available for private accounts. For these reasons, I need my page to remain public. In a sense, I just have to deal with the fact that I am being “harassed at work.”

Do yourself a favor and just watch this circus from the sidelines… I sure wish I could.

2. Using Timing and People to Manipulate

Normally, INSERT NAME will choose the perfect time to have us served papers, sent an attorney letter, or to invoice us for something she needs us to pay for, such as; when my husband reveled to her he was going to ask me to marry him, our wedding party, when we were going on our “family-moon,” or most recently, when my husband had a major surgery. It has become quite clear that timing is everything for people who want to destroy the lives of people they hate.

Those who manipulate like to employ others to do their dirty work. Recently, our son’s school Instagram account has started following my stories, yet they are not following me. This means they have to deliberately type in my Instagram name in the search bar to see what I am up to for the day. Unfortunately, today I made the decision to block our son’s school account to try to minimize the attorney letters, which means we will not be able to see what our son does while he is at school. Of course, INSERT NAME will befriend someone else to get them to to spy on me under the guise of being a “good friend” and I will have to continue to block them one by one as I have done for two years now. RELENTLESS!

3. The Attorneys

As you can see in the above letter, INSERT NAME uses a family member attorney, which she does not pay for, to send Greg’s, attorney who is over $400 an hour, letters about what I do on Instagram. As a mother, I 100% can understand her concerns and I am in no way invalidating those concerns. I can’t say that I would not have the same thoughts going through my mind, but to have an attorney send a letter to our attorney IS OVERREACTING and having an attorney send a letter to our attorney the day before my husband’s surgery, which we received when he got out of the operating room, IS PLAIN EVIL.

Every time we receive an attorney letter, panic sets in. INSERT NAME is playing the legal system like a puppet and she, the puppet master. How are people like this given so much power? It is absolutely frightening. These legal games have cost us over $70,000 and extreme anxiety. We have to pay for every single attorney interaction that is so frivolously made by INSERT NAME. On top of that, when INSERT NAME decides to drag us back to court, we will be once again sued to pay her “unpaid attorney” for all of these actions as well.

But let’s take a look the bright side, because I always do. One good thing that has come out of all of this is my new business, which I started so that I could make more money to recover what we have already lost.

4. The Gun

Guns are scary to people who have never handled them. I completely understand because it was only 5 years ago that I fired a gun for the first time. I was trembling, nervous, and even after the first shot, was afraid to fire another. I decided to take an in person class to learn more about guns, gun safety, protecting myself, and to get a conceal carry permit. At the time, I was a single mother, and felt like a target when in the parking lot, unloading groceries with a 3 year old and 6 month old. I was afraid of what I didn’t know (guns) but more afraid of what I could not control (being assaulted.) As it continues to be demonstrated, Memphis is a dangerous place, and my children are my entire world. I choose to take every step I can to protect them at all costs as I would never forgive myself if something happened to them and I could have done more to protect them.

I have several firearms and have been safely carrying a gun for almost 5 years. When I leave the house, my gun goes in a safety holster in my purse, and when I come home, it goes directly into one of our safes kept on top of a very high shelf right below where I hang my purse. Of course, this is a conversation that can easily be had between two civil people, without the need to involve attorneys.

The questions run through my head, why was this not a problem when INSERT NAME was married to a former Marine who carries firearms everywhere he goes? Why not give the gun back that my husband’s family gave to her all those years ago if there are concerns of guns in the home? Did INSERT NAME go to classes to learn how to handle the firearm that is in her home? Is that gun in a safe? I could have the same concerns for our son. I suspect this is another attempt to deem me a danger to my children and an unfit mother. This is a direct attack on me.

Folks, this is ruining our lives, our finances, and our children’s futures, but as INSERT NAME made it clear to Greg all those years ago, she will continue until he has nothing left.

So there you have it, the update! Sorry for the saltiness but I can’t keep tip-toe-ing around the situation. If I could be given the opportunity, I would ask, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US? We don’t know what that is or how to make it stop. It seems like the goalpost is constantly moving. We just want to be left alone.

If you feel compelled, leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. 3.25.23
    Marie said:

    I’m sorry Alex! I’m sorry your family has to go through all of this and I’m sorry Greg’s son is in the middle. Imagine how much hate and bitterness this woman holds inside her…I’m sorry for you but I feel sad for her because she wakes up every day with hate in her heart.Imagine how much better she would feel if she learned how to properly communicate and co-parent. Ms. Shannon Alder says it best “Anger, resentment and jealousy doesn’t change the heart of others— it only changes yours.” All the love!