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I will probably get a letter from an attorney for this series but I can’t spend one more day watching my husband suffer without speaking up on this injustice. This exclusive will be a series of posts that reveals what can happen to you if you get into bed with someone who knows “powerful” people. We are talking about the type of people who can cripple your life with the wave of their wand. For all you everyday regular folks like us, beware, this story will scare the shit out of you and make you question every single thing about our legal system.
If I do get a gag order, which would not surprise me after watching what my husband has gone through and the repeated measures taken to silence us, I will share the order in a post and cease telling my story.

It all started right before Greg and I broke up that one lonely summer 3 years ago. We loved each other so much, but ultimately we went our separate ways because of his commitment phobia. He explained to me that it was extremely painful for him to be around my children when he couldn’t have his son more than 8 days per month. He also told me that he could never be public about our relationship because of his ex-wife. I honestly thought that was a cop out and huge excuse to avoid commitment. Who would be so afraid of their ex-wife when they have been divorced for over 3 years? He tried to explain that she is extremely litigious and has free legal council because, not only is she a divorce attorney, but she also works for her former aunt, also a divorce attorney. I guess I just couldn’t fathom a situation being so volatile. My ex-husband and I have had ups and downs but we have put it all behind us for our boys. That’s what you do for your children, right?

When we got back together in the fall, (That story here) he told me that he was withering away without me. He expressed his fear for going all in, but that he couldn’t imagine a life without me. He warned me that things were probably going to get messy as his ex-wife will be very upset that he is getting remarried, but I told him that everything will be ok. We will politely tell her, I will invite her to coffee to get to know her, she will soon see that there doesn’t have to be hostility and that we can all co-parent and exist together. I told him that I have a gift for diffusing situations and I will fix it all so we can all live happily ever after. He said I would be a miracle worker if I could make that happen. I was confident that I could get the job done.

Greg sent her a very nice email to let her know he was going to ask me to marry him.

I also sent a message inviting her to coffee, saying that I would love to meet the woman who made such an incredible kid. I never got a response. I thought to myself, maybe it is too soon.

A few days later, I received a knock on my door, I opened the door to find an officer of the court on my porch asking if Greg was home. My children were standing in the doorway as I turned around and yelled for Greg. My children were afraid and I was completely clueless as to what was going on. Greg identifies himself and the man served him with papers, 53 counts of criminal and civil contempt. I literally had no idea what was going on. I was confused as to why he was being served at my house with my children present when he had his own home. I was also confused as to what the 53 counts of criminal and civil contempt were. I began to wonder who the man I was marrying truly was. He turned to me and said, “Just as I predicted; it has begun.”

Greg began to open up about what had happened when he told his ex-wife about the first relationship he had a year after their divorce. He was served with papers then as well. He ended up just settling everything out of court and that relationship ended.

We looked at the papers, with counts ranging all the way back to 2017, including ones from the first time she had him served. Things like calling her names after they filed for divorce (he’s not proud of that), calling his son’s blanket stinky (it was), and telling his son that he needed a haircut (he did), to name a few.

Later, there was even an allegation from her attorney that I told someone that she was “stupid” and that I could be sued for slander. I certainly thought the entire situation was stupid but at the time, I didn’t know anything about the woman, and I am not one to put down other women just for the sake of it. I will get to that in a future post.

I spent the evening questioning Greg for each and every count. He explained each situation in it’s entirety and I was completely dumbfounded. How can someone be threatened with jail time for their words? There was also a count about me spending the night when his son was present, which did happen later, a few nights before we got married, for which he was sentenced 10 days in jail, but we will get to that later as well.

I decided that night that I would stand beside him, not only because he is such an incredible man and father, but because no one should have to suffer at the hands of people who know how to abuse their power.

A few days later, the officer of the court appeared once again at my door, but this time it was for me. I was subpoenaed as a witness against my fiancée. I called his ex-wife’s attorney, who issued the subpoena, to ask what the deal was and her response was for me to call the opposing council. They probably have an idea. Seemed strange since she was the one who had me served but I don’t know how these things go… and so the plot thickens.

Stay tuned for more on the case. How I had to block tons of people from my socials and why. How her attorney insinuated on two occasions that I would need to include my income into his ex-wife’s child support. How his son is going to a therapist who we have been told lawyers use to get father’s rights removed or time reduced. How we have been forced to pay for that therapist, even though she is out of our insurance network. How we had to spend over $60,000 fighting this case which has lasted longer than the trial following my brother’s death. How we are having to appeal Greg’s jail sentence while being forced to cover his ex-wife’s attorney’s fees (which up to this point she hasn’t paid a dime on). It goes, on and on and on. There hasn’t been a month that has gone by since we have been married that we haven’t been harassed by his ex-wife or her attorney. My husband pays his child support, is always there for his son, wants more time with his son, and just wants to live a happy, drama-free life with his new family. The way our justice system is set up to favor a ”good old girls” network, this seems highly unlikely but in the meantime, I have a hellacious story for you.

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