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*EXTRA* 5 Reasons To Book a Maternity Shoot

A lot of ladies do not feel sexy during their 6th – 7th month of pregnancy, a prime time for maternity photos, but the reward of this special time captured in a photo for you, your partner, and your little one is one that cannot be measured.

5 Reasons to Book a Maternity Shoot

1.  Your little addition can see when he/she was just a little bump.
We all know that we were once so small, but it is a very special thing to see. It just further creates that ‘Mommy Baby Bond”

2. There’s something about you in his shirt.
The shirt picture is always beloved by him, as it is his love and the little life he created all bundled up in his button up.

(My favorite and most comfortable shirt of Ben’s with Jack and I buttoned up in it)

3. A new addition to the home and a touch of a memory.  
I always think a few maternity photos should be done in your home. After all, your home is about to gain a new member and having photos of special places within your humble abode leaves a reminisce  of a happy, expecting time within your household.

(the stairway that Ben and I worked on our hands and knees to add a stair runner for our little disabled pup and future son Jack. We were worried about the wood being too slippery. This is a special place to me)

4. A special time in your life. 
I hopefully, at the age of 28, have not lived half of my life yet, however I do know one thing for sure. This time is a very HUGE milestone in my lifeline and to have a photo to remember the joy in this time is a must. 

(As we took this photo on my porch on a very calm and peaceful, quiet summer day, I gazed down at my tummy with my hands on Jack and just thought to myself, that I can’t wait to meet my little boy in less than 4 months. I will remember this moment and Amanda captured the calm expression as I thought about the future perfectly.)

5. Documenting Changes
This may sound silly but your body changes a WHOLE LOT when you are pregnant. For many women, your skin becomes immaculate due to the prenatal vitamins, your belly expands tremendously, the ta-ta’s upgrade, and once you have the baby in your hands, your body begins to revert to it’s mommy shape which is even more changes, but that is besides the point. Having a photo of yourself as a reminder of the handwork mentally and physically can be a very rewarding memory of your path to mommy-hood.

(Me in a way I have never seen me before. All of the pre-pragnancy worries of gaining weight and the bodily changes out the window. I look at this picture and am so proud and in awe of what my body has done on it’s own. Without the dictation of my  bossy brain)

Ladies, if you are pregnant and are trying to decide if you will book an appointment for maternity photos, please do yourself a favor and have it done. I was on the fence before having mine done, but it was an experience that was so special and now a memory that I can hold in my hands year after year.
Maternity Photos By: AM Photography

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