Extraordinary Uses for Common Household Items

Most household products are multipurpose, but they require experimentation to discover their other uses. This article has some extraordinary uses for common household items that you should consider. Try one or all these cool hacks!


Remove the fuzz from your sweater with a shaving razor. Use light, short strokes to collect fluff and other things on the fabric. This tip is more efficient than using lint rollers because razors cut pilings and leave a fresh, clean appearance on sweaters. Not to mention, razors are cheap and available at most stores.

Wine Box

Wine boxes protect the glass bottles and hold them in place while you transport them. The cardboard boxes have individual compartments that are perfect for storage. Organize holiday ornaments, décor, or small trinkets inside the box. This hack maximizes storage and improves organization inside your home. So, the next time you visit a wine shop, take home a cardboard wine carrier!

Olive Oil

Olive oil for skin care is an extraordinary use for this common household item. Admittedly, you probably only use olive oil for salads, meat marinades, or butter alternatives. But the nutrient-packed oil is also great for your skin! It can help lock in moisture which is perfect for people with dry skin. Olive oil can also reduce signs of aging, dissolve oily residue, and promote wound healing.

Berry Containers

Plastic berry containers have holes to support airflow and keep your fruit fresh longer. After you eat those yummy berries, don’t throw out the container. Instead, use them to spread grass seeds around your lawn. The holes maximize coverage and let you spread seeds faster.

Pool Noodle

Did you know that pool noodles are inexpensive and multipurpose? One way pool noodles are totally awesome outside the pool is that you can use them to cover your trampoline springs to prevent injuries. The foam creates a barrier, which reduces finger pinching (and other injuries). This life hack is super beneficial if you have children, as it promotes happy and safe activities.

Ice Cube Tray

Ice cube trays are great meal prep tools. Make a smoothie ahead of time and freeze it in cubes. Use the trays to freeze liquid herb blends or make coffee cubes for iced coffee and Frappuccinos. Ultimately, water isn’t the only thing you can freeze in ice cube molds.

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