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Fall Bridal Buzz

It is officially Fall Bridal Season and I have been back to back with bridal consultations and makeup applications for 6 weeks. Absolutely love this time of year! So many new faces (or in my book, canvases) to give the fall’s hottest makeup trends. I wanted to write this blog, first to talk about how important it is to invest in bridal makeup, and second to give some of the best bridal makeup tips to date. (P.S. These tips can be incorporated to your everyday makeup routine)

First, down to business. CALLING ALL BRIDES: I know weddings are very pricey (so I have heard, no ring on it yet 😉 *Hint*Hint* is Ben reading this???) and it seems that one of the first vendors to get cut from the budget are the makeup artists, but a makeup application actually helps to contribute to the overall memory. Every picture that you, your friends/family, or photographer takes will be your lasting memorial documentation of the event, don’t you want to look flawless, like a fabulous movie star or a beautiful, pretty princess? A makeup artist who uses photo-finished or airbrushed makeup can give you an immaculate complexion that will make your mother-in-law, best friend, or even, dare I say it, the nun (*doing the sign of the cross*) jealous on your big day. It is important to find a professional, renounced artist that uses photo-finished or airbrushed products to ensure a flawless look. Make sure to do your research and read reviews!

Tips to Follow for a Flawless Look:

1. Illuminated Eyes

Concealer is an aged old trick that we learn from our mothers during our first makeup application, but what most ladies haven’t learned is that concealer is OUT!
Concealer can cause build up under the eyes that will result in creasing or fine lines. The resolution to this unwanted outcome is to ditch the concealer and grab an illuminating pen. An illuminating pen goes under the eye AFTER you have applied your base makeup. This must have product doesn’t “cover up” the dark circles with a thick consistency, however it provides the skin with illuminating particles that reflects light away from the eye area giving your skin an illuminated and brightened look. Best of all, the consistency is very thin to prevent settling into fine lines and/or wrinkles. For a brighter effect, choose an illuminator with a natural peach undertone.
Recommended Product: Adel Amor Illuminating Pen

2. Sunkissed Glow: Even in the Cooler Months

We all know that tanningbeds are out, and SPF and tanning lotions/wipes/sprays are in. So, how do you keep a healthy glowinf complexion through the Fall/Winter months? The “three” of course! The “Three” is a trick to use with bronzer that will eliminate the “muddy” look. (muddy look: when you try to bronze your face and it gets super splotchy!). Start in the top, center of your forehead (close to the hair line) and draw a three down the face. 
For example:
1. Center Forhead,  (down to) > 2. Right under your cheekbone (down to) > 3. Along the jawbone.
Never lift the brush from point 1 to point 3 and you will have a beautifully sunkissed lok – the harmful rays from the sun!

3. Hint of Berries

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it…..RED AND BERRIED LIPS ARE IN! For all of you small to mid-sized lip’ed ladies, have no worries. Color is in and that means large, luscious lips for you! This tends to be a trend that fluctuates very frequently, so take advantage while you can. Get your blue red shades and berry colored lipsticks out! The best way to wear a pigmented color is to give a contrast where the center of the lip looks lighter than the outer corners. This makes the pout look fuller.
Start by lining the lips with a comparable lip liner color that matches your lipstick. Then, color in the corners of your lips about 1/3 in on each side with the lip liner. Next, apply your lipstick to the center of your lips, the area that isn’t colored in by lip liner. Last, apply gloss to the center of your lips to add a touch of “glass” giving a fuller, more poutier look!

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