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Fashion School: Convert a Plain Jersey Maxi

Everyone loves a maxi dress, but I get the question time and time again, how can I make a plain jersey maxi sexy with out trying to look too young? Longing for a “maxi dresses forever 21” look?


A plain, solid maxi can be A LOT of one color, and not everyone feels like they can pull it off as it can look like you are wearing a boxy bag. When this PPLA maxi dress arrived in the shop, I became obsessed. I immediately saw the potential for a super sexy, yet modernly classy look.



First thing’s first, I tied up the side to create a peek-a-boo slit to show side leg, and paired it with some suede sandal heels.


To break up the neckline and heavy amount of solid material. I added three necklaces layered for an accented collar.  I chose the “Midtown” Larissa Loden necklace, my “push necklace” that was given to me as a gift when I had my sweet little Jack, and my Branigan Brooke Prism Necklace as an accent to “jewel up” the maxi.


I love gold toned geometric inspired drop earrings. The authentic stones on these drops add a hint of nature to this olive hued dress.



 After implementing these few styling tips, my once plain jersey maxi became classic, stylish, and sexy. Style your “maxi dresses womens dress” with these few tips to create your own unique maxi look!


Thank you for reading.


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