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Fashion TREND ALERT: Animal Inspired Handbags

You don’t have to be 5 to appreciate an animal inspired handbag….as a matter of fact, they are ALL THE RAGE this summer. Of course, I wouldn’t be in on the trend if I didn’t snag a few myself. Check out my favs and also some that we are selling over at The Ivory Closet. Oh and…I will also show off my handmade accessories, as well as more preggo momma fashion tips.

Yes…I am holding a straw cat clutch and somehow it makes my day a little lighter. I am not sure if it is because in between meetings when I see it smiling at me from the passengers seat I can’t help but turn up a grin, or if it is because I feel a little silly but completely satisfied with my fashion choice all together. Whatever the case may be, these fun fashion statements will have you happy and on trend this season.




Some of my favorites include:

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