Finding Alex Part 4: Conceal Fashion?

Back from a week long vacation and ready to throw a curve ball at ya’ll. You all are going to think I have lost my mind but remember, May is my series of “Finding Alex” and, well, Alex has definitely uncovered a whole new world of fashion! In this post, you are going to learn about my new strategy as a single momma and learn how you too can be more of a bad mama jama when it comes to protecting your children and yourself.

Protecting and empowering. This is a discovery I have made as of late. My husband always carried a gun with him wherever he went. Honestly, at first, I was afraid of it. We would get in numerous fights over the gun being present in the home and the question of it being easily accessible to the kids. Obviously, I was afraid the boys would think it is a toy and he would argue that it is necessary and kept in a spot where the boys can’t access it. After time passed, it became more normal and my worries while we were out seemed to subside because I always knew my husband had heat. Well, since we are going through a divorce, I have suddenly began to feel stripped of all security. I don’t have a second, larger person in the home for help if an intruder breaks in, and I didn’t have any type of protection should I be approached by a perpetrator while loading the car with groceries with the boys or in a more vulnerable situation. Suddenly, security has become a VERY big issue to me.

Everyone knows that when there is an issue in my world, I take care of it immediately. I recently purchased a gun. For all of you ladies looking for something that will fit your hand while also having an extra child safety in place, choose the Smith and Wesson 380. It has your regular safety, plus an additional grip safety, and is very comfortable for a woman’s hands. After purchasing the gun, I practiced shooting. Pretty surprised to know that I work very well under pressure. When told to load, shoot, and reload while someone is screaming in my ear, I was able to do so and hit my targets dead on. I missed 3 out of 4 but the targets were only 3-7 inches tall and about 10 yards out. Not a pro, but not bad for a rookie. Obviously you need a license to carry and you need to learn how to operate and clean your piece before being eligible to get a license, so I signed up for Range USA’s women’s gun class that runs for 8 hours on a Saturday, once a month.

After getting my gun, I struggled with how to carry. Originally I put it in my purse but it kind of just flopped around in there. I was constantly worried that somehow the movement and other objects banging in in to it would cause it to jam. I wasn’t too worried about it going off because I usually don’t carry a bullet in the chamber unless I am in a situation where I feel that there could be potential danger, but getting beat up and jammed really gave me anxiety. I set out for a bag made for women with pistols. I came across a shop called Gun Goddess. They have so many fashionable garments, accessories, and bags for women who carry. I fell in love with a black backpack purse! This bag not only looks classy, but it is very durable and comes with an adjustable holster and secret, but easily accessible, hiding place for your fire arm. In this day and age, I get super anxious in big crowds or at large festivals, as I know that they can be a target (i.e. the Vegas shooting) for crazies or terrorists. Having my pistol really puts me at ease, as I know that my chances of coming out alive in a catastrophe where weapons are involved are increased greatly if I am armed.


I love that Gun Goddess has a blog and learning center online for women who are getting their first gun. I learned so many things on their website and check back often to stay updated.

I began to think about times that I will need my gun to be easily accessible, in other words, outside of my purse or in a situation where I do not have a purse. The only event that I could come up with would be when I am running through the neighborhood. I live in a great Memphis neighborhood, but like most large cities, Memphis has its crime, even in the better parts. I began searching for conceal workout pieces and I came across, Under Tech Undercover. They have a HUGE selection of conceal workout clothing for men and women.


My favorite piece of gear that they carry is the Conceal Carry full length leggings. They are very comfortable and have a place in the from and the back to carry your pistol. When running through the neighborhood in the evenings after work, I feel 100% more secure having my new friend by my side. You can even carry your cell in the pocket that you are not using for your gun. The straps help to secure your weapon so it doesn’t fall out when running.



Interested in learning more about carrying, fashion items that will work for you, or have questions about my decision to be armed? Feel free to leave a comment! Click the image below and share on Pinterest if you want to share some conceal fashion with your fellow gal pals!



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