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Get a Celebrity Lip Makeover

The simplest touch up to get the Hollywood look would be a simple in and out lip treatment with our juvederm lip filler treatment. In this post, we will share some before and after lip makeovers from our customers and celebrities alike!

Gummy Smile

Jennifer Garner is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful and wholesome celebrity no matter what. In here teenage years you can see a lot of gum showed when she smiled. Jen used a lip filler like Juvederm to fill out her thin top lip to show less gum. This was exactly the reason I decided to try Juvederm, and it worked!

photo from Pinterest

Kissable Shape

Megan Fox is a beauty and her lips have always been gorgeous but that full kissable shape is to die for! In Megan’s transformation she focused on fluffing the central part of her lips for the perfect pout with or without a smile.

photo from The Talko

Thin Lips

Kylie’s natural lips, like mine, tend to be on the thinner side which is very normal for a lot of women. At A Beautiful You Medical Spa, my injector nurse discussed my shape and fullness with me so that we could achieve the optimal shape for my face.

photos from Pinterest

Want to get help from a professional on the perfect lip makeover? I have put my trust in Jeannie at A Beautiful You Medical spa! Contact them for a complimentary consultation – (901) 683-8220

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