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Get the Glow

Spring is right around the corner and my favorite makeup style, the minimalist look, is in. Want to know how you can get the glow? I have provided 7 easy steps to take your skin from start to stunning!

1. With a powder brush dust a mineral powder (Recommended product: Adel Amor Mineral SPF 15 Powder) all over your face. If you feel that you need concealer, I suggest to use the Mineral Illuminating Pen, as it is a very light formula and will provide a luminous look.

2. Next with a blush brush, swipe a bright hued blush on the cheek bones. (Recommend product: Orgasim by Nars or Benefit’s Tint) for a glowing spring look.

3. Use a bronzer to deepen the area under your cheek bones by sucking in your cheeks and applying a bronzing powder in the sallow part.

4. Now take a highlighter and with the blush brush, use the highlighter just above the cheek bones to create a lifted, contoured look.

5. With the same blush brush, mix the bronzer and your blush. Dust the mixture onto your eye lids for a quick, natural shadow.

6. Apply mascara and liner as you usually do.

7. Finish off your look with a brightly tinted, hydrating lip balm.

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