Gift Guide for the Health Conscious Gal

Do you have a health conscious gal in your life that is always on the lookout for new ways to enrich her life with more health? In this guide I am sharing my top 5 favorite health items of 2019.

Vital Choice

Leading health and wellness experts endorse Vital Choice as a leading source of pure, healthful, sustainable foods, and pioneering omega-3 supplements. Before founding Vital Choice, Washington State native Randy Hartnell spent more than 20 years fishing wild, pristine Alaskan waters for salmon, herring, and other regional species. Today, Vital Choice captures quality, sustainably harvested Alaskan salmon and northwest Pacific seafood.  The clean and flash-freeze the seafood within hours of harvest. Talk about the perfect gift for the health conscious female who loves seafood! Send her an array of Vital Choice seafood products featured in their monthly subscription service, Vital Box. You can choose from the Wild Salmon Box, Wild Fish Box or Wild Seafood Box, each providing 14-17 servings!




Factor 75

I am in love with the Factor 75 fresh chef-prepared meals. Now you can totally take the guesswork out of eating healthy. Every meal is delicious, hearty, and is made with real ingredients. All of their meat is pasture fed and antibiotic and hormone free. Their meals are also gluten and soy free with no GMOs or refined sugar. You can gift your health conscious girl 4 meals per week for only $15/meal or gift 6 meals a week at a discounted price of $12.83/meal. With Factor 75 you get quick, easy, fast, and tasty!



Finally! A bra that does what it’s supposed to. The biggest revolution in fitness bras to date, SheFit is a fully self-customizable sports bra designed to keep you secure and confident while achieving your fitness task at hand! SheFit has an auto-lock zipper and adjustable straps for maximum support. If she doesn’t have SheFit she is going to be throughly pleased with this fitness fashion gift!

Quantum Health

It all started in 1981 with a very successful lysine-based cold sore ointment. Since their founding, Quantum Health has developed dozens of products for immune support, dermal care, and eye health, as well as a DEET-free mosquito repellent  Revered for their natural products with major health benefits, it is easy to see why Quantum Health makes the perfect stocking stuffer. Help her to naturally support her immune system, especially in times of need such as the winter season with Quantum Health’s Immune Support Capsules!


I hope you have enjoyed my top 4 gifts for the health conscious gal! Feel free to share with your friends via the pinnable image below and HAPPY SHOPPING!


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