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This post is sponsored by FitVine, but all opinions are my own.
I have always been a wine connoisseur but lately, I have been making some mid-life lifestyle changes that have altered my fitness, diet, and wine choices. I have committed to consuming food and beverage that is a better option for my body, and so there, FitVine enters into my wine cabinet!

FitVine Wine has made wine for those who are active, have dietary restrictions, or are just looking for a better fit, such as myself! One of the best parts of FitVine, that instantly won me over, is that it’s made with less sugar, fewer sulfites, and no flavor additives. Personally, my body doesn’t react well to most wines,  but FitVine leaves me feeling lighter and refreshed – so it’s a win all the way around!

FitVine offers a full product line of wine bodies and flavors but my two favorites are the Prosecco for celebrations and Rose for relaxed, summer cookouts with my close friends and family.

A little secret about me, you know how I said above that my body does not react well to most wines? I am actually allergic to the ingredients found in the typical wine recipe. I get to sneezing and my skin will even sometimes breakout. The older I got, the more severe the allergic reaction. What is a wine lover to do? I love a glass of wine in the evenings with dinner or in a social setting. I began researching my options and that’s when I discovered FitVine! Of course, it is a huge benefit that this wine has more wholesome ingredients, but more importantly, I never get an allergic reaction when enjoying FitVine wine.

FitVine Prosecco

I love a little bubble in my wine, and the Prosecco offers a delicately bubbly wine, boasting scents of fruity tropical flowers, and ripe pear. The palate is vibrant, loaded with harmonious notes of green apple, citrus, and mineral finesse. Finishing with a clean light and elegant crisp acidity.

I would recommend pairing this Prosecco with a delicate aperitif, roasted cashews or camembert cheeses for a “chill out” heaven. So whip out your charcuterie boards and pour you a glass of this delicious bubbly!

FitVine Rosé

FitVine Rosé

The rosé is my go-to for an after workout treat, painting my toenails and binge-watching my favorite shows, or enjoying a cookout with friends. I keep this light and feminine wine in stock so I can, rosé all day!

The body of FitVine rosé is filled with less sugar, no flavor additives, yet remarkable, deliciously full flavor. This fresh 2019 vintage has aromas of summer fruit, light, and crisp acidity, finished with good times always in the future.

You can find these two wines, and more options at your local Publix, Walmart or Whole Foods! If you’d like to search their full selection online click HERE

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