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Hair How To: Greek Goddess

In honor of the upcoming Greek Wedding Week on City Chic Living August 11th – 15th, I decided to do a little tutorial on the ever so popular Greek Goddess up-do.

The Greek Goddess Side Bun

1. Part your hair to the side and section off a strip of hair near the face for the side braid. Starting at the part, split the sectioned strip of hair into 3 portions and begin to french braid along the face line stopping and bobby pinning the end of the braid right behind the ear.

2. Tease the hair at the crown of the head with a teasing brush or fine comb. Because I have thin hair, I like to tease in layers.
3. Then, curl the rest of the hair that is not pinned back.
4. Section off a portion of hair on the side of your face that is not braided back. Then twist the rest of your hair to the side of your head tightly enough so that it naturally twists up, then wrap the twisted rope of hair around into a side bun and pin.  
5. Twist the remaining portion of your hair that was sectioned off around the face back to the side bun and pin along the way with bobby pins.
6. Put on your greek goddess gown and hit the town.
Special Thank You to Amberly of Pageboy Salon and Spa.  Her style masterpieces are fashion forward and her skill is always ahead of the game. Stay tuned to see more of Amberly’s work.

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