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Healthy Eating w/ Lauren Part 3: Deluxe Lunch Delight

The wait is over! Part 3 of our healthy eating series is here and we are going to give you the best salad recipe you have ever tried. I am NOT a salad eater at all but I cannot quit this salad. It is “de-lish” and only 293 calories for the ENTIRE bowl which is sure to fill you up two times over!


Bag of Spinach / One Grilled Chicken Breast / Watermelon /  Grapes / Strawberries / Raspberry Vinaigrette / Kitchen Scale

1. Place the bag of spinach in a bowl and put it on the scale to observe the total start weight. Then add 100g of watermelon (30 calories)

  2. Then add 100g of strawberries (30 calories) and 100g of grapes (70 calories).

 3. Next add 100g of watermelon (30 calories). Then, tear up the chicken breast and add 4 oz. to the mix  (100 calories).

 4. Lastly, add one serving of dressing.

5. Grab a fork.

Lauren’s Healthy Eating Tip:

Eat half of your meal, walk away for ten minutes, then come back. Because your food has had time to settle, you are a lot less likely to finish your plate and/or overeat.

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