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High Fashion Custom Tire Collar by Siss Viss

This has to be the best gift a designer has EVER given me. I am OBSESSED with Susan Ambrose’s tire designs from her line Siss Viss. This month, she delivered “The Alex” to my shop. I about has a heart attack when I saw it. I want to wear it every day, sleep in it, bath in it, permanently attach it to my body!!!!…. OK….. a little overboard…but seriously! If you want a custom, high fashion piece, you HAVE to add a Siss Viss to your collection.


This neck piece is handmade comprising of tire, authentic hair,  feathers, natural stone, and spike embellishments. Susan took the time to get to know my personality and fashion preferences and made a special piece to fit my style. She nailed it on the head. I love natural stones, my hair matches the hair sewn into the choker, the feathers embrace my soft side while the spikes embrace my edgy side.
If you want to reach out to Susan about creating a collar for you, just email me at alexandra@adelamor.com, and I will put you in contact with her!
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