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H&M Maternity Fashion Series Part 1

 I have been super reluctant to purchasing maternity clothing for several reasons. The obvious one, they are so expensive!  Also, they have a time limit on them about 4 months and then you cannot wear them any longer.My main reason has been that in my last pregnancy I didn’t need the until about 6.5 months. Well, this time has been completely different!

 I definitely needed maternity fashion much sooner for comfort and for self confidence. I have been trying to squeeze into my flowy clothes and Lola jeans for way too long now. I am just billowing out of everything feeling so big and uncomfortable. I had had enough, so I set out on my journey for stylish maternity fashion that I could look and feel great in without spending a fortune. Let’s get real, I have a baby to save up for!


I was browsing H&M recently for an outfit to wear to our family beach shoot. I was almost 100% that they did not carry maternity but I decided to ask the sales associate anyway. To my surprise, they DID have a maternity section! Lets just say I went a little crazy and purchased quite a few more pieces than I had expected. The best part …. almost everything was between $9.99 and $28.99. The jeans were more, as to be expected, but no more than $39!



What are some of your more affordable maternity brands? I would love to add more brands to my prego fashion portfolio!

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