Holiday Gift Guide for the Girls

Many of you know I am part of a little group of gal pal bloggers and we have named ourselves, Bluff City Lights after our city, Memphis! Every year we do a little Instagram live for the holidays showcasing our favorite gift items! Here is a little recap, and giveaway opportunity, Merry Christmas!


8 Best Gift Items for Your Gal Pals

Bling Sting & Alert Keychain


I love this super fancy pepper spray keychain. Ensure your girlfriends are well equipped for any danger that may arise. Also, the Ahh-Larm Keychain will sound a super loud ring to alert others that you need help and possibly scare of a perpetrator. Give the gift of safety!


Oh K! Mask and Makeup Eraser


I am a HUGE algae fan when it comes to facial products. There are tons of choices when it comes to Oh K masks but my favorite is the Algae 3 in 1 Mask. You receive a detoxifying cleanser, marine algae mask, and a soothing serum. The Makeup Eraser is your best bet for gently removing mascara! All you need is water and the cloth. Seriously…that is it! The magic makeup eraser will wipe your eye makeup right off!


Air Plants


This one was Mary’s pick but I must admit that I am a fan of air plants…only problem, I have a black thumb. Air plants are perfect because they only require to be soaked in very little water once a week and then they can be displayed freely on a desk or in a bowl. Super simple way to add real live greenery to your home. We like to pick up our air plants from Falling in to Place.

Leslie Ponder Studios Ceramics


Leslie Ponder creates beautiful pieces with ceramics. We love her gold dipped earings and her very unique mini nativity scene. These items are perfect for your fellow christian friend or your female fashionista!

Lipsmart Balm


With the winter season often leaving our pouts dry and cracked, Lipsmart is a must have for any gal’s bag. Lipsmart draws in the natural water attracting components to boost hydration and retain moisture in your lips. This formula also works to keep you hydrated longer with the highest quality humectants and lipids in its ingredient lists. 


O-Verture Key Ring


Megan chose a hit with this one! The signature leather Big O Key Ring is perfect for fitting over your wrist or above your elbow for maximum flexibility and a truly hands free experience. The signature clasp allows for quick removal at the valet and won’t break your nails. A must have for girls like me who NEVER has an empty hand and always looses her keys in one of her bags when trying to open the front door!

The Magic Light Wand


This truly is a whimsical and fun interactive way to turn on your Christmas tree lights and it even makes a magical voila sound as light travels through the wand, up to the star, and zaps over to your tree. Pretty cool huh? Collins lights every tree in her home with this super cool wand. Now only if I could get one that cleans my kiddos room in a zap!

Hi Ya’ll Cat Cups and Napkins


Hi Ya’ll! is a super fun line that is made in the good ole’ south and they create amazing custom artwork inspired by the people, places and traditions that shape our life. Their holiday line is as equally cute as  their year round in stock items.


And there you have it! Now on to the really good part, the GIVEAWAY! Enter to win a $100 The Ivory Closet gift card below and as always, thank you for following along!


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