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Home for the Holidays

Want to turn your home into a Christmas cottage? Sure we all have a tree and some stockings but the season is all about tradition, family, and love. Here are 4 tips to make your place extra special during the holidays.

My humble holiday abode.

4 Holiday Decor Tips 

1. Pull out the family china and preset your table. 
Don’t have china? Make your table setting extra special. Round up the family and swing by your favorite home store to pick out your special holiday china and only bring out this special set of dishes during the holidays. I went by Pier One and found these lovely silver place settings and napkin rings. You can find foliage to spice up your napkin setting at Michaels for a year $1
Every time I walk through the dining room, I am reminded of my late grandmother, as my table is set with linens from her dining collection.

Family candle sticks and vases add a special touch as well.

2. An Ornamental Tradition
Christmas trees and ornaments go hand in hand, but the meaning of Christmas is love, family, and the Holy Spirit. Why not use your Christmas tree as a “scrapbook”. Every year, have each family member choose an ornament for the other members in your family. Before you know it 10 years down the road your tree will not only be a symbol for the season but a decoration of love and memories. Don;t forget to top your tree with a Star to symbolize the Holy Spirit. 
This is an ornament that Ben and I come for our newest little addition to the family, Jack.
Ben knows I love ballet and calls me his monkey butt, so he chose this one for me last year.
Jacks Elf on a Shelf
3. Hang your stockings with care.
Your mantle is a very special place. After all, Santa arrives through the chimney! Make a grand entrance for Santa as well as a compilation of family fixtures. Monogram your stockings to symbolize everyone in the family and use your mantle to showcase old family pieces such as stocking holders passed down through the generations or antique holiday figurines.

Our stockings – one for each of us with our initials.
I chose to mix and match my stocking holders with the featured reindeer on the ends.

4. Change out the artwork.
To really create a Christmas atmosphere, I take down most of my artwork and some it away so that I can replace it with holiday portraits. It makes the house feel like it is truly from the North Pole.
Eat, Drink, Be Merry, and Meet Under The Mistletoe!

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