How I Create My Videos

Lately I have had a lot of questions around the equipment and apps I use to create my content, especially videos. In this post, I will review all the products and software that go into my video creation.


The biggest game changer for me was investing $65 in this 12′ cell phone selfie ring, tripod, and bluetooth remote. I am sure there are more quality ones out there but I was unsure at first if this was what I needed so I went for it. I must say, I was amazed at the bang for my buck and it really allowed me to take my video game to the next level. I love that the tripod can go short enough to sit on top of a desk or tall enough to video from the floor. The kit is also small enough that I can easily travel with it. I have even used this set up for photography too. As a matter of fact, all of the photos from the last 3 months on my instagram came from this little set up. My iPhone 11 camera probably helped a lot with the quality but with a bluetooth remote, you can be a one person show!

Video Maker Apps


Inshot is an editor app where you can add music, pictures, text, video transitions, and more. I upload and edit all of my videos in this app. It is very user friendly and they do have a free option. If you would like to use the app free of watermarks, you can purchase the app to remove all Inshot marketing.


Video Teleprompter

The Teleprompter App is also a free app that can be purchased to remove watermarks. I use this app when there is a set script that I must recite. I have a horrible memory, and to save time, I can have the script rolling on my screen so that I can be sure to say everything I need to say while also looking into the camera. It does take some practice so that you don’t look expressionless but it has definitly helped tremendously with my video creation.


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